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Ceramic Water mug cup Why products will blister

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
sublimation ceramic mugs cup

Foaming is one of the defects in the ceramic firing process common. Ceramic body during firing, it will produce large amounts of gas, which if not promptly removed, it may cause the occurrence of body and glaze bubbles. There are blank bubble bubble bubble and two glaze, the glaze bubbles generated at the surface of the glaze, billet billet tire foam generated internally, often hollow bubble sizes. Specific analysis is as follows:

(1) Reason:

oxidation of low temperature, lack of oxidizing atmosphere, making the body oxidation is not sufficient.

the preheating zone temperature is low, so that the body stage oxidative decomposition time becomes shorter, the green body is not sufficiently oxidized, causing bubbles.

kiln atmosphere controlled, reducing atmosphere too thick, affecting the atmosphere oxidation stage, resulting in lack of body oxidation.

preheating zone temperature is too large, especially in the critical temperature before the temperature difference is too large, likely to cause blistering. At this time caused blistering, generally produced in the parts of the kiln cars.

body contains more organic matter, carbonates, sulfates, and carbon, which could not burn. In addition, the glaze contains more soluble salts accumulate in the edges and corners of the products and reduce the melting point of this part of the glaze, it melted in advance, out of the blank in the decomposition gas, it is difficult to exclude these parts, so as to form a series of small bubbles.

the firing temperature is too high, or high local temperature, the firing temperature exceeds the body's range of fire so that the bubble generating body.

improper loading density, resulting in the kiln temperature increase.

excessive body moisture into the kiln, kiln larger water vapor, if simultaneous preheating zone temperature is low or into the car too fast, and more likely to cause air bubbles.

reducing atmosphere too light or too strong, too early or too late end time, can make porcelain blanks appear restore bulbs.

(2) measures to overcome:

appropriate increase in oxidation temperature, oxidation extend the holding time, there is enough to keep the kiln and the oxidation temperature oxidizing atmosphere.

reduce blank carbonate, sulfate impurity content, organic matter, etc., when installed properly kiln to pay attention to thin dense.

strict control of body moisture into the kiln, an appropriate increase in the glaze starts melting temperature, so that the impurities can be closed before the glaze melts to fully decompose completed, various gases can successfully excluded.

effort to become smaller kiln temperature.
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