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Ceramic coffee cup mugs What the reasons for firing doformation

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Ceramic Coffee mugs cups

After baking products, which often have different levels of the geometry changes. Such as convex concave bottom; caliber contorted not round; collapse edge products produced and Qiaojiao. The reason is due to the overall body in the firing process are not uniform shrinkage, resulting in destructive stress, leading to deformation, specifically as follows:

(1) Reason:

firing temperature, high-fire holding time is too long, so that the body produces too much liquid volume. For this reason the deformation caused by the collapse of the heap type is often deformed.

preheating zone and firing the kiln with the upper and lower temperature and the temperature difference is too large, uneven heating products, thermal stress.

sagger curved wall or sink to the bottom occurs, resistance to high temperature load softening ability, sagger softening deformation at high temperatures, causing distortion products.

mat cake uneven, the product is not installed in the center of the cake pad, pad cake moisture content and body moisture difference is too large, firing shrinkage is inconsistent, causing distortion products.

sagger column contorted or loaded kiln sagger by the earthquake, causing the body to move the bowl.

kiln car vibrate during operation.

(2) measures to overcome:

comply with the firing system, control the kiln temperature.

strictly follow the rules loaded blanks into the car, carrying bowls column to have a smooth, gently.

body moisture content should be as consistent as possible with the pad cake moisture content, or the use of surface polishing pad cake cooked so freely shrinkage during firing blanks on the mat cake.

using secondary firing, first performed unglazed body, improve body strength, and then the glaze firing.
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