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Micky ceramic mugs cup what products suit porous tunnel kilm for firing

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Micky ceramic mugs cup

In general, all dimensions small, no product available porous tunnel kiln reducing atmosphere for sintering. Judging from the current situation, the scope of the use of porous tunnel kiln more successful; glazed tile (including glaze firing and burning), daily-use porcelain, casserole, the burning, pottery clay and glaze firing, fine pottery tea, tableware, porcelain, high frequency arc shield and oxidation burning porcelain etc.. In addition, the machinery industry of the grinding wheel, in the chemical industry packing and so on, are also using porous tunnel kiln. Sanitary ceramics because of the larger size, reductive firing porcelain because of the porous in tunnel kiln reducing atmosphere is difficult to control, not yet explored by the successful experience, need to be further studied.
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