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Royal blue stoneware mug cup What harm to human health of lead glaze have?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Royal blue stoneware ceramic mug manufacturers cup
Lead glaze have what harm to human health?

Lead glaze products when in contact with acidic food, lead will be precipitated and mixed with the food. If you drink or contact lead to enough quantity, lead will affect the human hematopoietic, neurological, renal, blood vessels and other organs function, also is the lead poisoning people often say. Lead will lead to decline the synthesis efficiency of red cells in bone marrow, causing red cells may shorten the life of. On the other hand, can inhibit the synthesis of heme in hemoglobin synthesis and damage process of.

Effects of lead on the central nervous system, it may even cause acute poisoning and brain disease; light will cause the changes in behavior and physiology. Serious or secondary brain disease causes neurological sequelae caused by lead. In the case of the children even more, have a negative impact on children's behavior and mental development.

The scientists also observed, lead to acute and chronic effects on the kidneys, its performance for nephrosclerosis; lead will affect the vascular system and cause poor blood, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

Air, water, soil and food lead to human survival. Ceramic surface lead glaze the stripping of lead is a source of human intake of lead. In general, lead content in food from the adults daily intake was estimated at between 0.1mg and 0.3mg. The 8 ~ l 0% can be absorbed, the limit value is 16%. The percentage of lead in children than in adults is absorbed from the diet to bigger. After absorption, blood lead is mainly in the red blood cells, each site throughout the body, including blood, other liquid and soft tissue in the discharge period, these areas lead for about a month. Then most of the deposited in the bones, lead in this part of the half life is estimated to be 28 ~ 63 years. 60 ~ 70 year old male body total lead up to 200mg. Therefore, people have certain ability of anti lead toxicity. As long as no more than the limit, it is still safe. As long as the ceramic tableware in the amount of dissolved lead strictly controlled within the allowable range, lead glaze can still use discretion.
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