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Ceramic mugs Jar High temperature tunnel kiln

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Ceramic mugs suppliers Jar High temperature tunnel kiln with why to use insulation materials?

We can know from the above problem, the main effect of heat conduction is a factor of five:

The temperature difference between the inside and outside wall;

The heat transfer area;

The coefficient of thermal conductivity

The kiln wall thickness;

The heat transfer time.

In order to make the tunnel kiln with (including the firing zone, cooling zone, preheating the back-end front-end) outward heat loss is small, thereby improving furnace heat utilization rate, improve operating condition, also will think of ways from the five aspects of. Now, let us analyze the factors. First look at the inner and outer wall temperature, the temperature mainly depends on the inner wall temperature, and the kiln inner wall temperature and depends on the product of firing temperature, can not arbitrarily change. Look at the size of the heat transfer area, the heat transfer area depends on the kiln and kiln, which is directly related to the production capacity, can not arbitrarily reduce. Look at the kiln wall thickness, although the kiln wall is thick, heat conduction loss is smaller, but the kiln wall can not build too thick, otherwise, the heat loss are less, but the brick wood waste is very big, the cost is greatly improved, the operation is not convenient, it will The loss outweighs the gain. At the time of heat conduction, the tunnel kiln is continuous, around the clock, this factor does not consider. So, in the above five factors, only the thermal conductivity of this factor can make a fuss. We can try to use small coefficient of thermal conductivity of brick masonry wall, kiln kiln to arch. In this way, can be properly reduced the kiln wall, arch, in order to reduce the number of bricks, low cost, convenient operation, and can reduce the heat loss of the kiln wall, arch. Therefore, tunnel kiln with the kiln wall, arch generally use light brick, diatomite, blast furnace slag and other insulation materials. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of the smaller the better.
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