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Stoneware color glazed ceramic mugs cup drinkare tumbler What is called the heat?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Stoneware color glazed  mugs cup drinkare tumbler

What is called the heat?

Heat is a form of energy, therefore, often also called heat. Molecular thermal motion theory tells us, any one of the world's matter is composed of molecules. These molecules are very small in diameter. For example, the hydrogen molecular diameter is 2.3-10-8 cm, nitrogen molecular diameter is 3.1- 10-5 cm, protein molecules is large, but the diameter is only 4.3 - 10-7 cm. Since the molecules is very small, so the molecules of a small volume of material containing the number is great. For example, in 0 - and standard atmospheric pressure, 1 cubic centimeter of air containing 2.7 - 1010 molecules. These molecules are in constant motion. The higher the temperature is, the faster the molecular motion, when we object to a heated, molecular motion of the object is speeding up, the speed of molecular motion is invisible, but there is an index for the indirect judgment, that is the temperature of the object due to heating up. Therefore, high and low temperature can explain the ability of molecular motion (kinetic energy) size, also is the molecular marker of the speed of motion. The kinetic energy, refers to the average kinetic energy of all the molecules; the speed, but also means that the average speed of molecules. Therefore, the object's temperature, the molecules that average kinetic energy increases, the average speed of molecular motion speed; temperature decreases, that average kinetic energy of the molecular decreases, the average speed of molecular motion is slow. Conversely, an object molecules move faster, the temperature will rise; molecular motion slows down, the temperature will drop. Therefore, the motion of the molecules is called the thermal motion of molecules. This tells us, the so-called hot, summed up in one sentence, you can say: the heat is a sign of average kinetic energy of molecule motion.
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