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Double Wall Ceramic mugs Starbucks Tumbler What is the temperature gradient? What does it mean?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Double Wall Ceramic mugs Starbucks Tumbler

The temperature gradient, simply put, is the unit of length, temperature difference.

Also can say, temperature difference and the ratio of distance is known as the temperature gradient. That is to use:

Temperature gradient (/s = T1t2)

The presence of a temperature gradient, is the basic condition for heat transfer. If the temperature is equal parts of two objects or the same object, temperature gradient does not exist, then, we will say, they are in a state of relative balance of heat. At that time, the heat transfer can not be. When an object and another temperature higher or lower than it is when an object contacts, due to the temperature gradient exists, the heat transfer will proceed from the one to the other, this is the heat transfer process. From this we can know: two objects or different parts of the same object, to produce the heat transfer phenomenon, first of all, the two must be the same object or different parts of an object in different temperature, a temperature gradient. Of ceramic kiln, only when the products of combustion temperature is higher than the calcination temperature of the object, the heat transfer is only meaningful. Of course, in the tunnel kiln cooling belt, on the contrary, roasting object temperature is higher than the cooling air temperature.

Control of the temperature gradient in size, you can control the temperature rise speed. In the heating stage, the temperature difference is small, it will slowly increase; if the increase of the temperature gradient, that is to say, to improve the combustion temperature, the temperature gradient between the product increases, there will be rapid warming. In the cooling stage, also is such, large temperature gradient, cooling more quickly; small temperature gradient, cooling slowly.
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