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decoration ceramic mugs cup drinkware What is the heat ray?

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The heat ray is infrared. Because of various objects through the infrared emission to transmit the heat energy of the object itself. So put the infrared called heat ray. Any object, whether it led, as long as its temperature above absolute zero (- 273). It will never stop for a moment to the surrounding emitting infrared rays, but the radiation of high temperature infrared, infrared radiation temperature is low. Infrared radiation and visible light, but also to the speed of light (three hundred thousand kilometers per second) communication. This communication, can be carried out in air or other medium, can also be carried out in vacuum.

And visible light, infrared light is an electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic wave with wavelength, the general to microns (millionths of a meter) for the unit. The spectrum shown below is the electromagnetic wave.

As can be seen from the graph, the infrared outside the visible red light, it is known as the infrared. It is in the wavelength range: 0.76 - 1000 micron. And the entire infrared region is divided into three parts: the near infrared region, 0.76 - 2.5 microns; in the infrared region 2.5 - 25 micron; far infrared region, the 25 - 1000 micron. Electromagnetic wave wavelength infrared short order of visible light (0.38 - 0.76 m), 0.01 - 0.38 micron), ultraviolet ray. Ray (0.0001 - 0.01 M) and Y - ray (wavelength of less than 0.0001 microns). Electromagnetic wave wavelength infrared long is the emblem wave (1 mm - 1 meters) and radio (wavelength greater than 1 meters). The wavelength range of course not strictly divided, they have some overlap.

Because infrared light is an electromagnetic wave between visible light and microwaves. Therefore, the infrared and visible light are similar in some properties, for example, rectilinear propagation, reflection, refraction occurs, scattering, diffraction and absorption, also available lens focusing and so on; some other attribute infrared and microwave similar, such as the strong penetration, can penetrate some non transparent material etc.
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