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The ceramic mugs cups with embedded crystals How to enhance the heat transfer efficiency

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
The ceramic mugs cups with embedded crystals
The radiation heat transfer is mainly affected by three factors:

The flue gas temperature difference and products;

The flue gas and the product contact surface,

The radiation capacity of flue gas. In order to enhance efficiency of radiative heat transfer, also want to consider from the several aspects, so as to take corresponding measures.

From the first, we can think of, if the increase of the temperature of flue gas, flue gas is increased and the product temperature difference, which is good for radiation heat transfer. But from a practical point of view, improve the flue gas temperature, it will be necessary to increase fuel consumption, to save fuel consumption, reduce adverse product cost. At the same time, to improve the gas temperature, the temperature of the combustion chamber is also bound to increase. The combustion chamber temperature increased, the combustion chamber is bound to exacerbate the damage of refractory materials, shorten its service life. Therefore, strengthening the radiation heat transfer by increasing the temperature of flue gas approach, not often used in actual production. But with the rapid firing problem, this problem is naturally mentioned schedule. Because the trolley speed, product unit of time into the kiln more, in order to make so many products reach the firing temperature, completed a series of physical and chemical changes, which requires the combustion chamber to provide more heat in unit time, is to improve the space heat intensity. The space thermal strength furnace increased, from the combustion chamber into the flue gas in the kiln temperature must also be improved. But this approach, used only in the range of the allowable ventricular refractory combustion, so there are some limitations. With the improvement of the quality of refractory materials, fast firing in the progress of the study, can do more articles in this respect. Second factors, people also has been used in production practice. For example, through the reasonable loading, the appropriate code, so that the fire channel flow, thereby increasing the contact area of gas and products, to strengthen the radiation heat transfer. Third factors, has also been applied to production practice. For example, in the design of tunnel kiln, firing zone size is generally better than the preheating, cooling zone, one of its aims is to increase the gas radiation layer thickness, increasing gas emission rate. At the same time, the CO2 in the flue gas, water vapor, carbon and other solid free, increasing particle content, but also can improve the gas emission rate.
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