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Ceramic Travel mugs cup drinkware Why to study the gas flow in the furnace?

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Travel Ceramic mugs cup drinkware

This is because the furnace operation and gas flow has a very close relationship, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) heat source furnace most rely on fuel combustion, combustion need to supply combustion air for fuel;

(2) the heat released from the combustion flue gas flowing to the products rely on;

(3) exhaust gas to continuously discharged from the kiln;

(4) in the tunnel kiln cooling belt, pass to a large amount of cold air, make the product cooling;

(5) in order to ensure the kiln is suitable for sintering temperature and atmosphere, there must be a reasonable pressure system. The pressure system formation and adjustment, it is necessary to rely on the rational flow.

Therefore, in order to properly design of kiln and kiln, gas kiln must study the laws of flow.
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