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Ceramic coffee mug cup drinkware What is the geometric head?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
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The so-called static head, refers to 1 cubic meters of air pressure in the kiln with 1 cubic meters of gas heat than the same horizontal plane, to express. In fact, the static head often by pressure and heat the gas in the kiln outside cold air pressure difference, i.e.:

H static =  empty

Effect of hydrostatic head on the direction of the air flow, the gas pressure is from the local streamwise pressure small place. From the kiln and kiln outside, if the kiln outside the kiln is greater than the pressure of pressure, there will be hot gas smoke outside. This situation, in the furnace operation is called positive pressure. If pressure is less than the pressure outside the kiln kiln, cold air will invade the kiln. This condition, called negative pressure in furnace operation. If a pressure equal to the external pressure inside the kiln kiln, then, neither hot gas coming out, no cold gas. This situation, in the furnace operation is called the zero pressure. The pressure distribution in a tunnel kiln, kiln to oil, preheating is generally negative pressure, firing zone for the micro positive pressure, preheating and sintering zone between the zero pressure, cooling zone front positive pressure value is greater than the pressure of firing zone. So, from the cooling zone to the preheat, pressure from big to small, easy to gas from cooling zone to flow in the preheating zone, the smoke hole, flue, a chimney. The pressure distribution, is that people use the principle of hydrostatic head on the direction of the air flow, and the design of control.
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