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2014 holiday arrangement cermamic mugs advertising cup Burning zone temperature automatic adjustment?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
2014 holiday arrangement cermamic mugs advertising cup The temperature control of tunnel kiln is mainly the burning zone temperature control. Because the quality of burning zone temperature directly affect the product. So, the firing temperature control zones, and become an important content of tunnel kiln automatic regulation. The general tunnel kiln oil burner are used R proportional control oil burner. This oil burner to automatically adjust the burning zone temperature has brought great convenience. Because in the regulation of oil discharge amount at the same time, an air volume can be adjusted in proportion to the. Therefore, automatic adjustment of burning zone temperature, can be attributed to the injection valves automatically adjust the oil burner.

The kiln temperature using DDZ - II type of instrument control system is shown in Figure 11 - 12.

First of all, by setting the firing zone Platinum Rhodium Platinum thermocouple top kiln output measurement signal. Temperature transmitter temperature MV (mV) signals into uniform 0 - 10 MA (mA) current signal. After the regulator accepts the signal, compared with a given value, then the proportional, integral, differential regulation, and outputs a regulation signal, the bracelet wear amplifier, the current amplification, and then delivered to the electric actuator. The actuator will signal a shift accepted into a corresponding angular displacement, thereby adjusting the nozzle out of fuel, to achieve automatic control of temperature in the kiln burning zone to.
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