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porcelain stoneware ceramic mugs cup drinkware How to automatically control the oil temperature?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
porcelain stoneware ceramic mugs cup drinkware

We know, heavy oil viscosity size, directly affect the atomization effect and heavy oil viscosity, and depends on the temperature of heavy oil. Therefore, at present, the ceramics factory are the temperature stability of way to make heavy oil steam heating and electric heating in a certain range, to ensure that meet the requirements of the viscosity of the heavy oil atomization. The oil temperature automatic control methods in general there are two:

(1) the electric contact thermometer (HWXG type), with the help of electric contact device (such as an intermediate relay and AC contactor), the power switch on or off, to work the oil tank and oil temperature control of electric heater, and signals.

(2) single loop PID temperature control system. At the exit of the electric heater, with WZB platinum resistance thermometer to measure the oil temperature, and through the XCT - 192 type temperature indicator for indicating regulator, and according to the magnitude of the deviation, control signal output from 0 to 10 Ma, the silicon controlled voltage regulator, controls the heating element, so that the oil temperature control in a certain range within the. In the heating power of choice at the time, the control precision can reach  5 .
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