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Ceramic mugs cup of white porcelain stoneware The kiln car axle which has several forms cup

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Ceramic mugs cup white porcelain stoneware mug cup drinkware

The kiln car axle, generally speaking, there are two types: one is long, is a short axis. The two forms each have advantages and disadvantages, the long axis of the kiln car operation is relatively stable, not easy to shift out of shape.

But it is more steel consumption, maintenance is difficult, and because a large surface area and the car under the contact with hot air, so it is necessary to strictly control the car under the temperature, otherwise, easy to produce deformation. A short shaft less steel consumption, processing, repair are convenient. But the wheels are relatively easy to shift, especially when the bearing is assembled condition, overhaul location, regulating parallelism is difficult. For many large kiln car long axis, short axis for small and medium-sized kiln car. By the form in which, according to the specific circumstances of the comprehensive decision
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