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hotail porcelain dinner set restaurant dinner set cup tableware The kiln car size should be how to determine

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hotail porcelain dinner set restaurant dinner set cup tableware

The kiln car size in general, should be based on product type, size, yield, the fuel performance and products on the kiln car stacking circumstances. Now the domestic ceramic kiln car size difference in length, the change, in 1.1, within a range of 2.1 meters, width changes in 0.71 - 1.7 meters range. On the premise of cart top rod is not easy to deformation, the kiln car or a little longer. Because the joint number which can reduce the kiln and kiln cars car, make the kiln bottom surface of the sealing performance enhancement. The kiln car is short, the joint between the car and the car will increase, the bottom surface of the kiln seal will be worse, provides more ways to train up wind, also to the kiln fire provides more opportunities under channeling. In this way, the kiln temperature may increase the temperature may rise, car. Therefore, the kiln car length is an important data, must be determined. The kiln car width, in general, should not be too big. The width is too large, may increase the level of temperature inside the kiln, the product may be burned. Of course, is too narrow or not, will affect the loading capacity of products. According to many factory experience, kiln car roughly the size can be chosen in the following range:

A long, 1.5 - 2.5 meters wide, 1 - 1.5 m.
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