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wholesale printed ceramic mugs double wall cup drinkware

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
wholesale printed ceramic mugs double wall cup mug drinkware "I'm not a paper cup"
Properties of thermal expansion and contraction of the object has, the kiln track is certainly no exception. Tunnel kiln operation, despite the curved seal, sand seal, car seal sealing device, or can not avoid some heat to the vehicle, the car under elevated temperature. Therefore, the kiln track is working at higher than normal environment. If the rail are closely connected, in the thermal expansion, will squeeze each other, resulting in track twist, deformation, become the cause of the accident. Therefore, the kiln track must be setting expansion joint.

Expansion joint setting, should according to the temperature, the length of the rail position, expansion coefficient to determine. Burning zone and high temperature parts at both ends, expansion joints should be bigger, the rest can be a little bit. Calculation of gap size expansion, can be carried out according to the following formula:

Expansion joints = steel expansion coefficient X length x bearing temperature

Steel parts of the expansion coefficient as follows:

20 ~ 100 : alpha = (10.6 - 12.2) 10-6

100 ~ 200 : alpha = (11.3 - 13)  10-6

200 ~ 300 : alpha = (12.1 - 13.5)  10-6

300 ~ 400 : alpha = (13.5 - 14.3)  10-6

Examples: with the kiln rail tunnel kiln, with 18 kg / m rail, each 7 metres long, the car under the temperature of 300 DEG C, for the size of the expansion joint.

Solution: expansion joints =0.0000135 x 7000 x 300=28.35 (mm)
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