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20pcs ceramic dinner set porcelain dinner set Structure and function of hydraulic pusher principle how

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
20pcs ceramic dinner set porcelain dinner set
Structure and principle of hydraulic pusher is shown in figure. It mainly by the pump (for reciprocating pump), fuel tank, cylinder, a push rod, push the plug, the hammer and pipe etc.. Its action principle is as follows:

The motor 1 to start the pump 2, from 3 to 4 by the tank oil pipeline to the working cylinder 6, a top rod 7 under the action of the pressure oil moving forward under buffer ejector rod, front push top 8 pressure in the last part of the kiln car, pushing kiln train. The push rod in the process of moving forward, weight 10 gradually rise. When the rod forward a kiln car distance, weight 10 contact trip switch 12, the motor brake, the oil pump stops pumping. At the same time, the working barrel oil return valve is opened, the hammer down slowly under its own gravity, drives a push rod retracts into the working barrel. Cylinder oil back to the oil return pipe of oil tank. When the hammer falls to the bottom, a link back to the original position, so that the next push kiln car.

Pipeline hydraulic pusher is provided with a pressure gauge and a safety valve, pressure gauge, workers from the indication of whether the normal operation of the kiln car numerical observation. If the pressure exceeds the set value, that resistance kiln car running very large, should be immediately checked, not blindly increase the pressure. Otherwise, will damage the oil and the top rod twisted, broken, or make the kiln car. Some kiln using contact type pressure gauge, once the pressure reaches the highest value specified, will automatically alarm, so that timely inspection, to avoid the accident.
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