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Black and white pasta bowl fitted with a nice back before the beauty of the art of ceramics for daily use

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The day before yesterday afternoon,ceramic mug the green corridor through the park, around a pile of clay, into the Division Wenge studio filled with all kinds of porcelain, he politely handing me a cup of tea.

Very pretty little tea cups, light green glass on the left hand die marks, fresh and transparent.

"Good-looking? If this cup to sell hand-made $ 100, you would consider buying a used tea?" He asked, smiling.

In 2008, the Secretary Wenge, Liu, Zhou Wu and other artists founded the "Zhejiang Kiln", their mind is to study the ceramic culture, contemporary ceramic daily-use device to create a new trend.

China is the origin of ceramics. English "China", meaning that ceramics. For thousands of years, Chinese people not only as a kind of ceramic containers, which also implies a cultural, aesthetic, taste and quality of life.

Secretary Wenge said that now, Europe, Japan and South Korea and other countries, the creation of ceramic household devices, manufacturing increasingly high standards, and China as the origin, but we daily for ceramics, "do not pay attention to" the.

It is said that eating udon in Japan, will be used to install the black bowl, black and white pasta bowl accompanied by, especially good-looking. We are cooking, mostly just to find a bowl and pretend to be become.

Ma also said not all collectors, and now people use porcelain, often ignore the many psychological feelings. For example, to go to a banquet, do you think the plate is very beautiful, but not too much feeling. The most important feeling or what to eat today, as to what the cup, become less important.

However, this feeling is very important in ancient times.

The idea is that a few artists, kiln in Zhejiang, in addition to study ceramic art, but also produce a beautiful and artistic, and we can afford to buy ceramic household devices.

For example, to find some young artists, and they are to design, produce porcelain utensils, both the beauty of art, there are commodity prices.
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