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Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
"Hello", yesterday morning, "Ceramic Emperor" ceramic mug Australian Jewish businessman Max Star forward edge of the door to high-Ceramic Museum, the Chinese side to meet his Zhanpei Ming, chairman of enthusiasm to talk to, although it is high-Star years old customers, but this is his first decorations to a new high-Star company. He was the one they sent a "big cake", signed more than $ 3 million one-time large orders.

Known as "Ceramic Emperor" of the Max reputation in the global ceramic industry is very loud, ceramic distributors around the world have a relationship with him, he was almost swept the global ceramic distribution channels, high-Star every year he is also the largest customer. Stay on the first floor hall only ten minutes, the Max fancy two ceramic plate samples. When you see da tech products enamel ceramic plate, he put it down with his hand touching the plate surface, feelings and material technology, process listening profile, he turned Lanzhu Star Zhanpei Ming, chairman of the shoulder high, and even praise him " Genius "(genius).

Max in the exhibition hall of the two selected Chinese porcelain quite taste, are the classic patterns. Zhanpei Ming revealed that China is currently the world to have more and more attention to the color of ceramic, this is the first time, Max will focus on the Chinese style ceramic products, in the past that he prefers modern and European-style patterns. "This $ 3.0 million order, it contains some of the company's newly launched Chinese style ceramic." Costa high swords makeup sales director, said Chan.

Technological innovation has always been a combination of traditional Chinese art with famous Star of marvelous high-indoor design work on the desktop a few ceramic bracelet placed to attract the attention of Max, these are made from cutting down on waste ceramic cup made of He picked up a great time, too helpless hand, can only wear to the joints of his fingers, sense of humor, he made a face, amused the people present laughed. Design director Zhan Jian Quan out of the new production of "ceramic speakers' demonstrate to Max to see, when the phone into the speakers inside, the music soon becomes large, see Max about half a day and found no power, just under the ceramic PA theory is made, the surprise big mouth.

"I was like entering a palace of art, feeling very strange." Visited Max several times during the showing expression of wonder to see so many beautiful colors with artistic porcelain, Max and the team decided on in Sri Lanka of high order, canceled factory orders for the next plan.

Why has such a strong high-Star competitive Zhanpei Ming said proudly, "We do not do ordinary porcelain, not to focus on the expansion of the scale, but based on high-end, global competition, focus on arts and culture, and technology innovation based on the strong stronger and stronger and do, and thus promote the development of cultural industries in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, and even do the industry leader in the ceramic culture. "
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