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Purchase and use of ceramic tableware Notes

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Ceramic tableware shapes varied, smooth and delicate, brightly colored and easy to clean. However, the glaze of lead, mercury, radium, cadmium, etc. are all harmful elements. Thus, in the purchase and use of ceramic tableware, to note the following:

First, buy ceramic tableware must choose the regular market, must not be cheap to buy no official manufacturer of low-quality products. State, the ceramic tableware placed in 4% acetic acid immersion, the dissolution of lead shall not exceed 7 mg / l, cadmium shall not exceed the amount of the dissolution of 0.5 mg / liter.

Second, look at the time of purchase to pay attention to the fineness of cutlery, tableware touch the surface to see the inner wall is smooth;

Third, the smell is a smell;

Fourth, do not buy the color is too bright ceramic tableware. Usually the more vivid the color tableware, heavy metal, the easier it exceeded;

Fifth, should buy raw materials, process control more stringent glaze, underglaze color tableware;

Six dishes cooked in boiling water before use with the vinegar soak for 5 minutes or 2-3 minutes to dissolve toxic substances.
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