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Ceramic glaze ceramic raw materials soared trying to develop its alternative business

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Praseodymium heart shaped coffee mug oxide in March this year the price rose to 40 to 45 yuan / ton, the rally continues until June, praseodymium oxide market Waves, the price exceeded a million. It is understood that the market price in early June praseodymium oxide is about 75 yuan / ton, as much as two weeks after about 130 yuan / ton. June 28, the reporter noted that the current market, some companies began to earth at 120 yuan / ton in the price of praseodymium oxide to cut prices to sell.

Rapid gains seven days rose 200,000

"1.1 million tonne last week, praseodymium oxide, this week rose to 130 million, seven days rose by 20 million or so." In mid-June, Foshan City, Otta Inorganic Materials Co., the responsible person, told reporters. This argument has been Ganzhou, Jiangxi, Fujian Changting, Lianyungang, Jiangsu and other local manufacturers and traders of rare earth confirmed.

It is understood that the end of last year, the price of praseodymium oxide is about 23 yuan / ton in March this year rose to 38 yuan / ton. April 1, China's substantial increase in rare-earth mineral ore resources tax, tax for the previous 10 times, praseodymium oxide and other rare earth oxide is widely used by the resource tax impact of sharp price increase, during mid-June per ton was up more than 130 million. But according to some of the rare earth production and operation of the company's official response by the state-controlled rare earth praseodymium oxide ore price is just one of the reasons for price increases, if the only state control, the growth rate would not be so big. They believe that such a fast growth rate was mainly due to brokers and companies by country of rare earth rare earth to control the occasion of the market caused by speculation, more and more brokers began to hoard goods, hot money is gradually involved in the rare earth industry, the separation of rare earth products praseodymium oxide, one also will show a "soaring prices and tight supply irrational" situation.

Late June, a small part of the market intermediaries in price to sell a small amount of rare earth oxide praseodymium, but most manufacturers are still rare earth stockpile on the sidelines. Therefore, the current nationwide praseodymium oxide remains generally the market price of 120 yuan / ton, for this price, the downstream business, although many said it could not accept, but do nothing.

Ceramic color glaze companies: R & D to find alternatives

"We rose from the praseodymium oxide 750,000 yuan per ton at the beginning did not purchase the raw material price is too high, the product must have rose colored glaze, but this often can not accept the price the customer, our risk is high, simply the time being do not do. "Foshan City, the very fact of a ceramic pigment company said," but according to the market this year, the popular trend, the yellow is a popular color, so I hope the price will not go down to up, at least maintained at a reasonable level. "praseodymium yellow ceramic glaze as a material of raw materials, the prices of praseodymium oxide has a direct impact on the ceramic glaze companies, according to the relevant companies to reflect, they have very little time recently in the procurement of praseodymium oxide, must do so according to their needs is a small amount of purchase.

It is reported that the impact of price increases by the praseodymium oxide, a large antique tiles on the market at this stage will be used to blank range with praseodymium yellow from March 2 yuan / ton has risen to 8.2 yuan / ton, the glaze is used up praseodymium yellow 12 yuan / ton. Jiangxi Ceramics business executives argued that the rate of increase has exceeded the scope of their acceptance. "Color glaze prices, increased production costs, but in the present market conditions, our products can only barely be maintained at the original price did not decline, not to mention the price go up, profit margin has reduced."

Currently, the skyrocketing price of rare earth has caused the concern of national authorities, but due to the implementation of state management and control of rare earth policy, even in the future the Ministry and other departments to come up with a reasonable pricing mechanism of rare earth, and now the status of irrational boom was calm , praseodymium oxide than before in terms of price but also still have risen, color glaze for ceramics and ceramic business enterprises, the pressure is still very large. According to industry sources, now colored glaze enterprises in research and development, trying to find a substitute for praseodymium oxide, the current development of the project is in the experimental stage. It is anticipated that the rare earth market rally has become an inevitable, and ceramics industries unable to raise prices under the status quo, corporate R & D for color glaze praseodymium oxide alternatives will become inevitable
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