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China's foreign ceramics export market demand analysis

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
The expert analysis, China ceramic mug accession to the World Trade Organization, the export of Chinese ceramics will bring new opportunities. As the world's customs, different levels of consumption, domestic ceramics export enterprises must strengthen research in order to achieve marketable purposes.

- German antique porcelain and coffee popular. In porcelain, the coffee than wine with good sales, most people like the German consumer elegant colors; art porcelain generally prefer crisp, elegant, artistic high, like a small animal model; in love all kinds of fine porcelain long flat belly bottle; part of the intellectual class, interested in primitive art, porcelain, antique porcelain and thus also better off.

Restrictions on the amount of lead leaching in Germany is very strict, like the glaze color. Merchants on the pattern suggested more oriental flavor, such as good porcelain carving figures, sales will be good.

- High levels of lead and cadmium, France porcelain unmarketable. French ceramics imported from China (except porcelain furnishings) to apply for a permit. In France, horse symbol of happiness, woe bird Peacock said. In addition, the French do not like yellow and green flowers, elephant nose down that unlucky. In France, consumers like China's exports vase table lamp, 18 inches to 6 inches to the best selling products. The French market for counterfeit European-style figures, animals, flower and bird designs of porcelain more optimistic about the shape of the small size porcelain animals than large size of marketable, high levels of cadmium, lead porcelain unmarketable.

- Spain prefer oriental flower. Spain porcelain there is no strict limit on the amount of lead. The businessman reflect my tea, coffee with a matching method is more suitable for the Spanish usage, but the lack of flower characteristics. They asked to reflect the characteristics of oriental products, such as Oriental pavilions, such as dragon and phoenix patterns. Spain imported porcelain levied according to weight, weight of the tax on the light.

- Strong demand for British art pottery. British ceramics, most of the 18, 21 tea occupied by a very small part of the teapot, cup and saucer types. Consumers porcelain white, sleek, rich oriental ethnic products appreciate. Britain imported ceramic leaded restrictions.

In addition to imports of British art of porcelain, but also import large quantities of ceramic art, my business, such as the development of new products in this area, will be promising.

- Italian love Yixing clay pots. One design for the characters, flowers and birds is more good sales, landscape design, followed by bottle gourd vase and the Quartet are more popular. Italian people like duck pattern, not like the black and chrysanthemum patterns. Art of porcelain, like the small finger of a woman alone can not tilt, it is said this action indecent. Yixing clay pots are more well off, but the vine, do not put the metal and plastic. Italy lead the product inspection is very strict.

- Australian pop iron porcelain and hard ceramic. I have a smaller proportion of Australian exports of ceramic, but a lot of potential, especially the art of porcelain have some sales. Australia reflection of my ceramics are: low quality, cup and saucer flower color is uneven, not with; packaging is not exquisite, heavy cardboard boxes, broken rate is high; some products unsafe amounts of lead; delivery is not enough in a timely manner, often miss the season.

Australian market in recent years, popular and hard porcelain ceramic iron, ceramic products in total imports accounted for about 50%, is still under development. Both porcelain and I Henan, Shanxi, Shandong, and brown-glazed pottery is similar, you can export to trial.

- Singapore's strict control of a narrow market. I sell porcelain in Singapore family-oriented, and restaurants and other catering industry due to restrictions in Singapore Health Act, the use of plastic containers. Singapore shall not exceed the amount of lead leaching ceramic 7PPM. In addition, crack broken ceramics are disabled, once seized, in addition to prohibiting use, and the possibility of being fined.

- Old Japanese porcelain favor new packaging. Japanese people like to use porcelain summer, winter, like to use pottery, pottery for a warm winter feel. Japan's average household, restaurants, hotels like to use clay meal tea, flower pots, bottles, cans, etc., are a color glaze, such as gray glaze, are red, kiln, etc. Product specifications small, teapot requires 4-5 inches; are generally straight to, and not like Ti Liang's; spout like down.

Japanese like vintage pottery works of art. I recommend Japanese exports more of its old porcelain, coupled with advanced packaging, can also be sold at high prices shatterproof. Japan, like the crane, turtle design, meaning there is longevity. Tea facilities, to avoid the "four" figure, the Japanese considered unlucky.

- Canada requires quality and cheap products. Sales to the Canadian market, porcelain art porcelain mostly sculpture class to the main characters, the main vessel to the vase. Our products to open the Canadian market, it is necessary to improve the quality, the second is to reduce the export price. Canada requested color elegant porcelain pattern, lined with simple bright green background color, MEI, gold, peacock blue and other design patterns as well, price each 30 to 40 Canadian dollars, beautifully packaged, suitable for gifts.

- U.S. demands crisp and elegant product designs. The United States is the largest international ceramics market, currently our products in U.S. market share is not high, but has huge development potential, as long as I improve the quality of the product, publicity, sales prospect. A person with a major U.S. marketing of five, four with the 20, eight people with 45 head, 92 large sets of tea; coffee is better off; screen requires light elegance, clean lines and bright
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