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For the ceramic complex of Ge into the bottle so unique ceramic goldfish

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Have a joke in the wine plain white ceramic coffee mugs industry: people who do not drink free to do business. Therefore, contacts with the winery business, whether ordinary salesman, or owner, amount of alcohol is often terrible. In fact, this can not blame the winery, their reason: If we do not drink, wineries how to do business?

Having said that, but it is such a never drink company CEOs famous wineries in the major names, he is a goldfish, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province Ceramics Co., Ltd., chairman of Nagisa in.

Flexor calculation, Ge For the three veteran in the ceramics industry more than ten years, he did celadon crafts are pottery pots and so on. But the real him to complete now, shine a ceramic bottle. In recent years, goldfish ceramics for high-quality ceramic bottle in more than 30 million, becoming the largest production of high quality manufacturer of ceramic bottle. And he was hailed as "king of ceramic bottle."

Ceramic goldfish company was founded, a single species, enterprise development outlook is not optimistic. How to enable enterprises to grow and become Ge Nagisa in thoughts all the problems. A wide range of market research, he quickly discovered that China's wine industry since ancient times enduring, but to do the bottle supporting industries are also constantly change and development, which is a very promising industry in the determination of Ge Nagisa show its mettle in the industry. Love of pottery culture into the heart of GE fell in love with Nagisa in from another "wine culture." He endure thousands of miles, walk in well-known wine business workshop, wine cellar, with the fastest time, the name of the winery the country, "family property" touch a crystal clear.

Chinese bottle past the basic dominance by the glass, but he found a bottle of wine to use ceramic "three reasons": high-grade, glass bottle style monotonous, poor decoration, and ceramic containers are the most primitive , Simple and elegant, with a can sculpture, flowers, etc. can be infinite variability of the heap; superior quality ceramic bottle opaque, good stability, and can accelerate the Lao Chen of wine, especially the Yixing pottery bottle good ventilation, More than porcelain bottles, and valuable only in Yixing purple clay only, unique; cost-effective, high-grade glass bottles imported expensive, and well-made ceramic bottle is not only affordable, quality, and taste great, are the best price.

To this end, GE has invested almost For all his talent and energy. Made bottles such as wine making, to create an excellent aroma and taste of the product, and one exquisite, Cunhu heart.

The face of competition in the industry, how unique, ahead of the competition? Innovation is his "sophisticated weapons." "People have me, no one I have. 10 kinds of people can come, I can come up with 100 species!" This is not just rhetoric, it is real action, the company's innovative varieties and styles each year up to 500 just as much.

For the ceramic bottle in the Ge feelings, expressed in a vase for every business he would do as a craft. A perfect goldfish vase products often need to go through more than seventy are process to complete, that is, more than seventy-skilled workers to go through the hands to form. "Bottle the feelings of people into the Goldfish, so products with a spiritual and life." Ge said with deep feeling Nagisa.

For Ge in the tireless spirit of opening up markets in a model called the ceramic industry. He always traveled to conduct market surveys, participated in many conferences, forums. He aimed at the domestic wine industry giant, to establish a collaborative relationship with them. He is a conscientious, Wherever he went, the total number of enterprises and products to take photographs, collect complete sets of technical data, together with the technical staff seminars, research will, absorbing, improved design. To this end, he was not afraid to take the risk of failure, often to meet the market demand for a new variety, put several hundred thousand dollars, a hundred million for research.

In 2009, although the financial crisis, but still maintained a ceramic goldfish growth rate of 28%; 2010, companies continue to maintain double-digit growth trend. "Although we now lead the country counterparts, but the company has achieved is history. In fact works of art pottery bottle not the best class, only better. To be able to lead a long time, we want to do is to continue to find innovative and never be complacent. "Ge said in Nagisa.
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