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Clark, also known as the Hibiscus Porcelain hand why

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About the production from custom ceramic speckle mugs the Ming Dynasty to the Qing decorative pattern of the opening of a major blue and white porcelain for export. Europeans called "Kraak", translated into Chinese, "Clark porcelain." "Kraak" word from the Portuguese "Caraack", meaning "giant ship." Three years of the Ming Wanli (1604), the Dutch seized a fully loaded at sea during the Chinese Wanli blue and white Portuguese galleon Shengkatelin that number (Santa Caterina), porcelain was shipped on board the Dutch auction in Amsterdam , King Henry IV, King James I is also competing hedging, so the Chinese porcelain in Europe, spread like wildfire. Because these porcelain Portuguese captured in "Clark" merchant found, it said, "Clark" porcelain.

Image: Clark porcelain

Japanese porcelain, ceramic scholars such as "Hibiscus hand", with its painted designs the shape of a blooming lotus flower is named. Clark has the shape of porcelain plates, bowls, bottles, military support, in order to offer the more common, and most typical. There is a round disk mouth of the port and spend points, matrix thin, micro-collapse of the inner bottom, slightly to the restrained ring foot. Feet of sand stuck on the number. Clark, the most important characteristics of porcelain decoration reflected in the pattern. To disk, for example, the end plate decoration, mostly figures, flowers, Insects, still life flowers, animals or abstract patterns and so distortion. Inner disk is generally 8 or 6-shaped or fan-shaped opening of petals, each a ten or twelve opening of the opening. Painted on the opening miscellaneous treasures, flowers, figures, and some artifacts still book "Happiness", "Life," "longevity of a Corning" auspicious words.

Clark porcelain pattern, although the traditional Chinese painting, but the layout is non-Chinese style of decoration may be designed specifically for export production. Clark porcelain upon entry into the European market to become popular, so when Shunzhi ten years (1656) to implement ban on maritime trade, the Japanese exports to Europe that replace the blue and white porcelain of China, Clark imitate Chinese porcelain, Japanese porcelain is the main species s -. Japan's Idemitsu Museum of Art collection - pieces of 41 cm diameter plates Clark, the center wrote a Dutch East India Company begins with the letter "V.O.C.", we can conclude that the Dutch East India Company to Japan for the order. In addition to China by the Japanese imitation porcelain Clark, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Britain, Iran and other countries have to imitate the production, these countries have handed down imitation.

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