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China Ceramics City custom zebra ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Intended to promote its own brand of Chinese zebra ceramic mugs Baotuan into the Middle East market, the enterprise risk to remind overseas channels

Reports: Yesterday, the reporter learned from parties concerned, by the China Ceramic City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters United ARI company to build the "Dubai China Ceramic City" project will start next week. Many enterprises believe that the Middle East market both opportunities, but also face many risks to go out.

Intended to promote the Middle East into the ceramic enterprises Baotuan

In recent years, rapid economic development as the Middle East, the Middle East, Foshan pottery became an important export market. In fact, as early as 2008, the Middle East market has become the second largest ceramics export market in Foshan. From Foshan Bureau of Foreign Trade statistics show that exports of the Middle East in 2010 the amount of Foshan ceramics reached $ 461,910,000, an increase of 20.9%. Guangdong's exports in the territory, the Middle East market since 2008 continuously occupy the top spot in the export markets of ceramic.

As exports are mostly of Chinese ceramics OEM or OEM for foreign distributors, resellers to local consumers, this business model led to a lack of self-ceramic enterprises in China brand, for which the Mona Lisa, the new source such as increasingly more Foshan ceramic enterprises in the Middle East began to try to take orders from the transition to its own brand to expand.

It is understood by the China Ceramic City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Joint development and management of ARI companies ICC  DUBAI  CCC (referred to as "Dubai, China Ceramics City") project is located in the World Trade Center  industrial area, the main draw Since China's major producing areas of the building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, bathroom equipment, leisure and hardware components, including high-end water brand, the project will be under the Zhou Kaiqi, ceramic enterprises to become China's bridgehead in the Middle East.

China Ceramic Base official said the headquarters in Dubai at the China Ceramic City, Foshan want to copy the successful experience of Foshan ceramic enterprises in China and the Middle East, India and Africa to expand its own brand channel concept to provide a business platform in China.

Middle East 20.9% last year

Has ten years of development experience in overseas trade, Foshan ceramic enterprises, the Middle East and ceramic market too familiar. "Many companies have customers in there, 10 years ago, the new source to enter the Middle East market has." New source Huo Jinxiang export general manager, told reporters that the new source of export in the Middle East in recent years, sales of nearly 6 ceramic more than ten million yuan.

Growth potential in the market, the temptation, known as the "trade capital" of Chinese ceramics distribution center opened in Dubai, no doubt for many enterprises to provide the most direct brand promotion platform. Although the situation is quite volatile Middle East affects Foshan ceramic enterprises in the export market, but Foshan ceramic enterprises generally optimistic about the potential of the Middle East.

"If successful trip to Dubai, we will quickly copy the Dubai model to Africa, Russia." Huo Jinxiang said, the new source early this year decided to test the water in the Middle East, in Dubai for an independent marketing company and 900 square meters of exhibition, Division to replace the original export all Middle East operations.

It is understood that Dubai where China Ceramic City Industrial Zone, East-West transport routes and trade hub, with more than 170 shipping companies and 86 airlines, while Dubai's import duty is 5%. Dubai will provide a lot of Chinese Ceramics "convenience", including all enterprises within the region are exempt from various taxes and fees, allowing the exchange of funds and other 100% free.

Huo Jinxiang told reporters that although the Middle East market volume, but many ceramic products into the Middle East, most of the low-end products. New source of sales companies in Dubai will focus on the promotion of independent brands, to expand high-end ceramic market.

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Guard against the risk of overseas channels to expand

China Ceramic City, a ceramics business as a domestic carrier, for the first time the sea into the Middle East market, whether ceramic enterprises in China what the challenges and opportunities?

While the Middle East market growth rate to the ceramic to bring temptation, but directly to the trading prospects of the local market extend to the Middle East, first of all mean increased costs. "At least, your shipping cost, your management costs will increase." Mona Lisa Ceramics Ye Xiaodong, general manager in charge of export business that, after decades of development, the Middle East market, Foshan ceramic ceramic taste, variety is already quite familiar with the , and almost all traders in the Middle East has permanent offices in China, and Foshan ceramic enterprises to form trade relations entrenched.

The overseas marketing for the company through the transfer station to avoid trade as the risk of saying, Ye Xiaodong argued that European and American markets requirements on imports of ceramic certificate of origin can also be referred to as "barriers", the collection of Chinese origin anti-dumping duty ceramic. "Originally, Ecuador, Egypt, India and other anti-dumping on China, some Southeast Asian countries such as ceramic enterprise businesses to borrow as a transit point, but the same is in the form of OEM exports, the cost also is high." Ye Xiaodong said.

Export of a number of ceramic enterprises to remind the mall in recent years, emerging overseas Chinese, were the early years in Russia, Hungary and France set up the effect is not satisfactory, the risk of expanding business overseas channels must be vigilant. "China's ceramic brands have to go out, but to obtain recognition of the international market is still very difficult." Aston Goff, chairman of Chen Yanbin laments, there is no a domestic ceramics is internationally recognized brand, and ceramic enterprises operating in foreign countries own brands, the resources on how to integrate the local market, how to adapt to local cultural, legal, and manage expatriates, but also the need for further practice
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