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Jingdezhen ceramic mug: the quality of building with eco-livable city

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Recently, senior Jingdezhen ceramic mug Linke Suo Lin Geng industry out of the trip is poor, he felt out of Jingdezhen itchy throat. He said, O man, just as we Taxus Jingdezhen, can not do without a good environment.

Today, porcelain, forest coverage has reached 65%, 365 days a year of air quality, 365 days a drinking water standard are a class of ecological quality ... ... are only the quality of life, Jingdezhen is a build with ecological quality Most suitable for living in the city.

Rare animals and plants thrive livable city is reluctant to

In 2010, Jingdezhen City, Linke Suo fruiting yew tree in the Botanical Garden more than 10,000 pieces, the same year in the park and found a monoecious Taxus, this important discovery, the Department at home and abroad had a major impact . Not only because City Linke Suo engineers using artificial pollination techniques, also benefited from the good environment of Jingdezhen. Jingdezhen City Linke Suo has become the only standard of Taxus training demonstration area.

Jingdezhen to maintain the excellent ecological environment of forest biodiversity. 217 plants have been identified within 788 kinds of families, old trees are widely distributed, with Taxus, Torreya grandis, gingko and other national level to protect species; the city there are 760 kinds of vertebrate animals, animal protection at the national level there is the clouded leopard, black deer, cranes, deer, Chinese merganser and so on.

Over the years, Jingdezhen Ceramic constructive historical and cultural heritage protection and development of ancient porcelain show the deep roots and culture, unique charm, showing the Jingdezhen Ceramic Road Millennium context of origin and cultural values. Construction ceramic cultural industry, base, projects and venues, have gradually developed the modern porcelain ceramic cultural arts community gathered at home and abroad, financial culture, tourism, creative, ecological and other industries in one, set art heritage, creativity, academic exchanges, personnel training, network information, business transactions and other functions in one place, with an international influence and cultural integration of the development of the ceramic center, built heritage, innovation, openness, integration of the ceramic culture of ecosystems, depicts the "surrounded by water on three sides Matsuyama, a City, half of the city of porcelain kiln, "the cultural and ecological prosperity and flourishing, rich porcelain modern development of the Millennium the human spiritual content.

Excellent location gave birth to the Jingdezhen landscape, rich in rare animals and plants created an environment of Jingdezhen, also attracted a large number of foreign entrepreneurs and outsiders to King Kong.

Fresh air all year round year 100% quality standard

"365 days a year of air quality, water quality perennial mostly met the national standards." This sentence is party secretary Xu Aimin promote the common language of Jingdezhen. Lin Geng industry, this statement is that people can not leave the ceramic porcelain are the most real footnotes, but also of foreign entrepreneurs and ceramic porcelain porcelain masters settled in one of the most reasonable explanation.

Rich in natural resources, excellent ecological environment. Full advantage of this city, has always been to protect the ecological, economic development as an important strategic vision, focus on the ecological civilization Jingdezhen into a harmonization of economic and social development, harmony between man and nature of ecological demonstration zones and economic development of China's low-carbon economy first area. Firmly grasp the mountains in the city, the city in the mountains, "mountain, water, city" one of the special conditions and the personality to build eco-city brand, and strive to create the most pleasant urban living environment.

The city's ecological environment construction and protection of effective, to September 2010, the city consolidated species index of 0.71, the local plant index reached 0.88, the new water rate of 91.52% of ecological revetment, mountain and river reached 99.72% of resource conservation, water environment Water quality compliance rate of functional areas and Water Quality Integrated pass rates remain at 100%. Motor vehicle exhaust testing pass rate 84.22%. Jingdezhen, one after another new botanical gardens, the rain national urban forest park, renovation of the People's Park, transforming 800 acres of urban forest park, the landscape in a Riverbanks of 6 landscape with new game kiosks, currently working on building area of 300 acres Chang Nam Park, an area of 500 acres of South Lake Park and Chang-cultural wall area of 200 acres of theme parks. Built-up areas of existing green area of nearly 1000 square meters at the park, basically to satisfy the public that travel 500 meters of open spaces of a certain size requirements. New Park Green service area and amount to 92%. Built-up area is 3034 hectares green space, green land rate of 41.66%, parks and green area of 596 hectares, the per capita green area of 13.02 square meters park. The city's green coverage reaches 52.1%, 49.8% green rate, per capita public green land area of 14.82 square meters, the highest in the province.

Once the "straw sandals Pier" was gone, and now of Jingdezhen, the sky bluer, the water is more green; has won the "China Excellent Tourism City", "China Habitat Environment Award", "National Model Green City", "Jiangxi Province Civilized City "," Health City in Jiangxi Province "," advanced national civilized city to create urban "," National Garden City ", etc, to achieve harmony between man and nature. To be the most worthy of the 50 foreigners to one of the places.
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