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Ceramic tableware tableware submission is difficult to test, Nanjing nowhere

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Recently, the Guangdong Provincial custom ceramic heat mugs Bureau of Commerce and Industry of Guangdong Province announced the 2010 Ceramic circulation daily monitoring of product quality, which detect excessive lead and cadmium leaching of goods 8.

Lead cadmium exceeded what so what harm? Quality Supervision, experts said, the main source of lead and cadmium leaching ceramic glaze decoration materials, such as glazed paint, decal. Lead and cadmium in the case of ceramic heat, most likely dissolved by acids, serious harm to human health. Lead and cadmium are considered as toxic heavy metals, long-term intake will affect the person's blood, nerves, kidneys and other organs function, to bring great harm to human health.

"I did not expect excessive lead and cadmium in ceramic dinnerware will have such serious consequences." Wu was surprised the public, quality supervision departments will be called to ask, can you send inspection of ceramic tableware. Result, the staff of Nanjing, said the quality supervision department, the Nanjing does not produce ceramics, there is currently no specific test of ceramic tableware in the body. It is reported that non-ceramic in the main producing areas in most cities, such qualification testing organization with more than not.

Inspection difficult, then the consumer how to choose a qualified ceramic tableware?

"Consumers can choose to not decals and glazed tableware, this can be as little as possible a number of lead and cadmium contamination." Quality Supervision, experts say, but this is not absolute, because the white glaze in the dissolution of lead and cadmium may also be recommended to the regular mall Buy from quality brands, in the selection of flower ceramic glaze, consider the flower decoration is not the site of direct contact with food, or direct contact with the food part of the products less decorative materials.

Ceramic products in Guangdong Province Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Zhang Jianhong, said in an interview, the general food are acidic, and a microwave oven is easier after the dissolution of lead and cadmium. So buy white, no more insurance decorative tableware. In addition, consumers should be minimal color with a glaze ceramic products for daily use store acidic foods.

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