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Development of ceramic industry in 2011 Topic: energy saving

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Since the Custom ceramic mug and saucers industry are high-consumption industries with high ranked, so energy saving is the work of each of the most important ceramics producing areas. Who in 2011 was hailed as the energy-saving environmental protection industry, the major areas of emphasis on energy saving can be said that the most recent year. Major ceramic producing areas need to ensure that the amount of their respective mandates, resulting in many ceramic-producing areas have showed the card to pay close attention to the most stringent energy-saving environmental protection. Seeking changes in the ceramic industry in 2011, energy saving will be the theme of development.

Zibo: industrial transfer is the general direction to encourage enterprises to use clean energy

Zibo areas currently facing resource depletion, environmental pressures huge, energy-saving and emission reduction tasks are arduous, enterprises lack the capacity for independent innovation, lack of industry self-regulation and other issues, to solve these problems properly, Zibo ceramic industry will bring great effects. Zibo to re-order for a blue sky, but also to upgrade its Zibo ceramic industry, therefore, since 2008, Zibo Ceramic companies began to respond to the Government's call to join ranks of industry transfer, one after another "go." According to reports, Zibo city government to determine, to the end of 2011, the ceramic industrial capacity from the current 1.2 billion square meters compressed to 7 million square meters, out of 200 transferred behind the production line. Meanwhile, building ceramics industry standards will be developed to encourage the advantages of high-end brand of business operations. Therefore, Zibo Ceramics will take the old road of Foshan ceramics, the ceramics production bases out, and put into a ceramic Zibo headquarters economy.

According to report, Shizuishan Zibo Industrial Park project has been officially launched, marking the construction of the project entered a substantive stage. Zibo ceramic industry believe that construction of Zibo Industrial Park in Shizuishan vision become a reality, the high energy consumption enterprises in Zibo has a new space for development, will be the opportunity for relocation building ceramics enterprises in Zibo. wholesale nordic ceramic mugs

Since last Zibo Si Danke ceramic gas furnace explosion occurred, the Zibo Zibo Ceramic government immediately suspend production for rectification large-scale enterprises, production enterprises related to security, but stop and rectification. At the same time, according to Zibo City District Government on August 20 issued a "business district gas furnace used to implement the program of rectification notice", the Government will encourage the use of gas furnace natural gas and other clean energy enterprises in the gas source sufficient and the case of pipe flow, in the 3 months equipment modification, to switch to clean energy.

This shows that not only the strict rectification government of Zibo Zibo ceramic production safety, but also concerned about energy conservation and emission reduction Zibo Ceramics. Government production of ceramic enterprises with the opportunity to rectify the same time, ceramic enterprises to upgrade production equipment required to use clean energy, this is a good way to kill two birds with stone.

Foshan: energy saving measures taken by the effectiveness of Perak

Ceramic-producing areas in Guangdong in 2010 the work in the energy saving performance of very "crazy", first of all, the origin of the government issued a series of severe power rationing measures. It is understood that the length of time the power rationing, limited power and limited the breadth of the degree of power, mostly in Guangdong ceramic industry unprecedented. Power restriction lasted 3 months, several of Guangdong over the scope of an important production base, including Gaoyao, Qingyuan, Zhaoqing, Foshan and other places, during brownouts power supply only the usual three. This is due to limited power over the government hopes to reduce emissions from the production of ceramic enterprises to complete the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of the energy saving tasks. Therefore, the limited power to limit production for ceramic production and processing enterprises has brought great inconvenience, seriously affected the normal operation of the ceramic business.

Second, the municipalities of Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau Qi out of ceramic production enterprises within the region to develop an integrated governance. Construction of fixed assets to check the status and require the furnace, boiler, exhaust gas generated by spray drying tower, the need for desulphurization and dust removal, discharge standards, while exhaust vent must be installed on-line monitoring.

Finally, the Government Xiaotang 2010 in order to better complete the task of energy-saving environmental protection, under relentless sad to all the Nanhai Industrial Park Xiaotang does not fully comply with environmental requirements of the enterprise closed down. Shutting down the high consumption of low-yield business will become the top priority of the Government, through the integration of these companies and the shuffling, we can build a sustainable development of the ceramic industry.

In recent years, Guangdong Province, a series of effective policies and measures to promote energy saving energy, optimizing energy structure, developing recycling economy and clean production, improve the ecological environment, and yielded significant results. According to relevant statistics, Guangdong Province, unit GDP energy consumption in 2009 was 0.684 tons of standard coal / yuan, down 4.27%, the "Eleventh Five-Year" 4 years before the cumulative decline of 13.89%, has completed the "Eleventh Five-Year" progress overall goal of 85.77%. The Foshan Zeyi 6.93% of the decline to a level around 2009 listed unit of GDP energy consumption decrease of the largest cities. Provincial department heads that unit GDP energy consumption in Guangdong in 2010 fell 2.45% as long as another, thus completing the "Eleventh Five-Year" a drop of 16% of the overall goal of saving energy. Responsible person is expected to complete the objectives and tasks should not be a problem.

Jinjiang: heavy ceramic industry regulation

Ninety-nine of last year occurred in Jinjiang contaminated stream water problems, so Jinjiang areas for energy saving in 2010 greatly enhanced degree of attention. Jinjiang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau director Chen Jinjiang art more times to "industrial upgrading, urban accelerate" the development of ideas, the responsible persons to the analysis of ceramic production technology transformation of urgency. In 2010, 47 more with the person in charge of ceramic enterprises to sign an undertaking to the local government is willing to accept the town government and environmental law enforcement supervision. It is understood that the Fujian provincial government has begun to develop "second five" emission reduction plan, according to current trends, Jinjiang will be phased out within 5 years ceramic water gas process. Art Chen has repeatedly stated that: "use of natural gas will not produce wastewater containing phenol. Ceramic enterprises either converting or use of natural gas." These actions have shown the Government's determination to control energy saving heavy.

In addition to vigorously straighten ceramic enterprises, the Jinjiang also introduced this year, a number of energy saving projects into production, including waste heat recycling projects, solid waste production and environmental protection projects, the positioning of these projects could help local enterprises to deepen reform of institutional mechanisms of ceramic, and promote energy saving over the development of new industries. After years of development, energy conservation and emission reduction Jinjiang has taken shape. Currently, Jinjiang is brewing, "second five" energy-saving environmental protection industry development plan has three main tasks: first, to develop energy-saving industries; Second, large-scale development of environmental industries; third is bigger and stronger resource recycling industry.

High security: Green first

High security due to the ceramic base of the development of a late start, therefore, high security from the beginning to abandon the focus only on the development of ceramics and indulgence of its pollution, roads, and the choice of the construction of "clean production, energy saving" green demonstration base, choose to go energy-saving, environmental, health and sustainable development.

In 2010, a total investment of 8000 million base pipeline gas supply project has been successfully completed, at present, has the ceramic base of natural gas producers, gas supply year, the design of 8 billion cubic meters, an effective solution to local air quality.

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