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Custom mug changing color ceramic coffee magic from china

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Masters rookie leading the new mug changing color ceramic coffee magic trend of Chinese ceramics in Jingdezhen, Longquan Junyao three main cross-hui visit Hong Kong and India

"Chinese Ceramics Asian Tour," will set sail again to extend brilliant Hong Kong

The "China Ceramic Asian line" will set sail again to extend brilliant Hong Kong

In 2011, the festive atmosphere of New Year quietly approached, by the Chinese Ministry of Culture Market Department as a guidance unit, the Shanghai Art Fair Organizing Committee, Eastern Shanghai International Culture Film and Television Group, the Shanghai International Cultural Service hosted trading platform, the Shanghai Oriental International Culture Huiwen Trade in Services Company Limited, Shanghai branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China full support of the "Chinese Ceramics in Asia (Hong Kong Exhibition)", will be Jan. 18 in Hong Kong Plaza opened.

According to organizers, last February that had been held in Japan Ginza, the line's first exhibition of Chinese ceramics in Asia (Japanese Show) successfully achieved considerable success, but also the community has been unanimous praise. Again this year developed and launched 'line of Chinese ceramics in Asia' art exhibition in Hong Kong trip, and plan for the future in Seoul, Korea, Singapore, New Delhi, India, Chinese Taipei and other major cities in Asia, China Ceramic Exhibition, held in succession, so that a number of potential and China's sense of innovation on the international professional potters gradually art scene.

Shanghai Art Fair Organizing Committee Mr. Gu Zhihua, Deputy Secretary-General said, "We will take this tour of Chinese ceramics in Asia-line activities to promote Hong Kong between the mainland and artistic exchanges between the art market and common prosperity. Hong Kong as Asia's most dynamic and most prosperous cities, and presents a perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary urban environment, so we decided to Hong Kong, China as the Chinese ceramics in Asia the second leg, and look forward to the exhibition to continue to shine ... ... I I believe Hong Kong has a lot of Chinese ceramic art aficionados, and they taste amazing ability to purchase and collection standards and make this event the last of Japan to extend the show's brilliant! "

Speaking of the "China Ceramic Asian Tour" The Hong Kong exhibition will be extended out of significance, Mr. Gu Zhihua emotion, said, "The Chinese nation has the splendid culture of five thousand years, but her name was in the West and only a thousand years of history of ceramics by the co-existence , are known as China. porcelain is China's cultural legacy, and it is wonderful to superb manufacturing process, revealing the ancient oriental wisdom. gradual steps away when the Expo, the Shanghai Art Fair in line with the tradition of Chinese Art Mission mission goals, and prepare a show to the world and a blueprint for China's ceramic culture. Chinese ceramics through the first stop in Japan, the Asian Development Bank has made great social repercussions, and expand China's influence in Japan of ceramic, has attracted wide attention. The second leg of the Hong Kong Exhibition and hopefully a complete success, as the building blocks of Chinese ceramics on the world stage. "

Ceramic industry in China, the prestigious Master of Chinese ceramics Mr. Chen Songxian, as the lead artists in this exhibition, the introduction of the exhibits, this event, was pleased to that, "'Chinese Ceramics in Asia (Hong Kong Exhibition)', will be held in Hong Kong in recent years, the largest, highest, most extensive content of the works a Chinese ceramics exhibition. Jingdezhen, Longquan Kiln and Jun Yao elite three brands of Chinese ceramics will be displayed side by side around the ceramic lovers collection in Hong Kong and Chinese porcelain brought home a rhyme style to show the gluttonous feast. "

The Chinese ceramics in Asia (Hong Kong Exhibition), summarizing the achievements and experience of the Japanese show, based on the essence, the show mainly contemporary Jingdezhen porcelain into rhyme tradition, heritage and warm Longquan celadon glaze change Henan Jun Inheritance of three large;

Jingdezhen kilns as a sacred earth, brought together the famous blue and white, pastels and sculpture and other work focused on the plate by Professor Zhou Guozhen, Chinese Arts and the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Yuan Liu, Professor Cheung Huang Huanyi Academic represented team style of work;

Zhejiang Longquan celadon with a pure, clear, quiet beauty, she was the mother of ceramic glaze as Shiqianfeng Cuise thick as creamy, elegant such as jade, not gorgeous gorgeous but after the charm has Xijinqianhua. She only learned character of the soil dissolve in the fire, without any external interference, has a poetic mood and oriental culture artistically, the Longquan celadon ceramic industry in China by the renowned master of Chinese ceramics led by Mr. Chen Songxian;

Henan Jun Porcelain is historically the most valuable porcelain, "gold was priceless Jun" Jun Porcelain is the most brilliant of the description. It is expensive both in its dignified but colorful, magnificent shape, is "the world will never be the same chinaware to find two works." Pan Hongxia the world have used storm, the sun suddenly into Lan Purple Jade, the kiln wonders of outer space and other verses to describe the beauty of Jun porcelain kiln. Jun Yao Yan Fu representatives of professors and seedling establishment are long-high teacher expressed on this show great enthusiasm in Hong Kong and all the support that will be;

It is reported that the "Chinese Ceramics in Asia (Hong Kong Exhibition)", from January 18 to 27 at the Hong Kong Plaza on display for 10 days
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