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Contemporary American ceramics materials

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Most of the soil can be used as a ceramic coffee mug with lid wholesale. As the landscape in different regions, all regions have different chemical composition of the soil. When developed in science, ceramic materials mainly based on the geographical distinction, so ceramic technology and style with local materials are often closely linked. For example, traditional ceramic producing areas, each representing a ceramic raw material producing areas, a process, an aesthetic. In recent decades, with the development of ceramic technology and transportation facilities, limited areas of ceramic raw materials is not so important. For example, Yu Li, Yu Han Kuang R & D in Shanghai, ceramic materials and process is part one in Jingdezhen in Jiangxi and Hunan Liling origin such as the advantages of the ceramic process in the whiteness of porcelain and strength to push on to the historical peak.

Groups in the United States exhibition of contemporary ceramics, no two artists use virtually identical materials, the same production process works. Contemporary Ceramics personalized exploration, not only from the creative concept, but each step from the creation. Choose from ceramic materials, equipment and tools, molding, decorative means, to the firing temperature and frequency, and even personality of the exhibition layout, each step can not be omitted. This is the work of the U.S. pottery often each step of the hands-on creation of the important reasons. "Hands" is a breakthrough in ceramic art in the "homogeneous phenomenon," the key factor.

The soil dug out from the foot of the river, do not add other ceramic materials, known as adobe. With scientific progress, many ceramic materials can be prepared according to the different needs of man, now very few people make use of ceramic products of the adobe. In the United States, distributed across thousands of ceramic materials and equipment companies, supply many kinds of ceramic materials, glazes, casting machines, kilns and other equipment and tools. Potters to buy clay, glaze and other items like art supplies as easy to purchase common. Ceramic materials and equipment standardization, serialization is the pottery of the important driving force of universal education. Ceramic materials across the United States sells a wide variety of ceramic pug, can have different origins, different components of ceramic clay. Most bags are specially formulated with moderate mud and water, bag weight 25 pounds. This bag is easy to use clay for pottery teaching. Bags of cement can be divided into: sculpture mud, throwing mud, mud temperature, cold mud, Raku clay, red mud, plaster, white clay, coarse clay, fine clay, etc., as well as a large number of professionals in their preparation for powder shaped ceramic raw materials. Artists according to their needs and increase the plasticity of the soil, adjusting the firing temperature, change the shrinkage, color, and so on.

Ceramic materials in China was divided into two major categories of pottery and porcelain, and pottery in the United States is divided into (such as low-temperature ceramic tile, etc.), stoneware (also known as high temperature ceramics, such as Yixing) and porcelain three categories. Pottery firing temperature is too low, too fragile, it is rarely used. Decision making process of ceramic materials. The lack of sticky clay, sculpture can not be directly used to make. Thus, most of the U.S. pottery sculpture stoneware prefer soil. For example, Jingdezhen porcelain ware casting made when the general shape of the main, until after the green body is completely dry and then trim down the tool blank inside and outside (also known as: Lee blanks). The United States Stoneware common soil contains many particles, and is strongly adhesive, casting basically completed when the overall shape of containers, to be knife only when the green body repair foot semi, but not finishing the top. Completely dry green body as hard as bone, can not be repaired.

80 years of the 20th century, a way to pulp fibers mixed with ceramic clay material, called the pulp sludge (Paper Clay) of the material became popular. Soil containing pulp fibers to prevent cracking of the green body, because the pulp was completely burned in the kiln, the clay is in such a pulp molding process that has unexpected advantages.
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