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Four areas of Jiangxi Ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Repeat the construction industry custom ceramic cofee mugs and the industry is not only a contradiction between, there is also the regional and interregional conflicts. If this duplication can not be effectively suppressed, there will be friction, and may even lead to self-destruct.
At present, Jiangxi ceramic have shown signs of internal friction, shall be deemed to vigilance. Some people may think this is alarmist, that the four major ceramic production base in Jiangxi ceramic distinctive - the base of building ceramics industry (high security), fine ceramics production base (Harvest), ceramics production base (Jingdezhen), industrial ceramics production Base (Pingxiang), that does not appear to each other too much competition. But I do not think so.

In the 'East Tower west', 'Tao north south' policy, supported by the rapid development in recent years in Jiangxi ceramic industry. Coupled with its rich mineral soil resources, to facilitate the logistics conditions, Jiangxi has formed a high-security, Jingdezhen, Harvest, Pingxiang four ceramics production base, showing a pattern of more than enough to Dingli. The ideal of planning from the government we know, in fact, planning in the industry have over the more well-defined position, but caring people will find that local governments in order to develop the economy, seems to have forgotten the original plan. Ceramic Italian pottery business, specifically, and bathroom companies Leroy base at Jingdezhen Ceramics settled; Smick, Dongpeng, aesthetic, Mona Lisa and other fine pottery and ceramic enterprises have entered the base of the City. Coupled with the rise of the high yield region, Jiangxi ceramic production interval of the competition will become more intense.

Must strictly abide by the rules established, not because of temporary interests while behind. At present, Jiangxi duplication of the range of ceramic production problems and not serious, but if left unchecked, serious internal friction is not impossible. When necessary, the Jiangxi Provincial Government should come forward to balance the middle range of development, to avoid destroying their own ceramic industry.
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