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Dongpeng ceramic blend to create the art of mud and fire

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
During the 30-day exhibition of Chinese Jingdezhen custom ceramic printed mugs art of presentation for the visitors after a successful ceramic art in the curtain call. The exhibition of 259 art treasures, which attracted 103 ceramic artists and hundreds of collectors to participate. More from the 30 million viewers across the country come here.

Chinese-made travel on the sea

"China is exporting from a weak ceramic ceramics markets gradually expand to the world. Our establishment of the Museum of Art from the beginning to focus on the international markets. In terms of quality and service for consumers and businesses to consider, catch up with international leading companies." Beijing and Fujian Ceramic Museum of Art, chairman of Chen Jinlin Long said.

A long history of Chinese ceramics, Jane Davis in the "History of European porcelain," a book, said: "Almost the entire 18th century, the real porcelain production process is still a strictly a secret, when the Europeans are still struggling to find the secret of When, as early as a thousand years ago, China has cracked it. "17th century, Western Europe, the rise of the royal family and court style collection of Chinese porcelain, Chinese porcelain began to move toward the world.

Today, the international ceramic printed in China is increasingly strong demand. Data, January-February 2010, Quanzhou port exported ceramics for daily use $ 12,916,000, an increase of 1.42 times; January to October 2009, Guangdong Province, export of all types of ceramic products worth $ 3,230,000,000, an increase of 4.7%. Meanwhile, for the Middle East, EU and ASEAN exports to major markets have different degrees of growth.

He Tianxiong Chinese Ceramics Association, said China's export of traditional ceramics for daily use for thousands of years of history, such as silk, tea, like ceramics for daily use is an important source of export swap. After reform and opening, but also the rapid development of architectural and sanitary ceramics, equipment updates, technical research and development, product innovation, significantly speeding up the present, some ceramic tile products have been a world leader.

Nano-ceramic knife Listing

Last 3 years creating, by the ceramic industry as the "Millennium a treasure, the world's porcelain king" and "World Expo and the tripod," is the Shanghai World Expo Fujian Museum's greatest treasures. It uses the Chen Renhai exclusive master secret of the original ecological Chen Chinese white mud, and Dehua kiln firing techniques used, reflecting the Chinese white art and the perfect integration of modern technology. "World Expo and the tripod" weighing 250 kg, breaking the German history of Cidiao. Because of its unique value, specially designed for the World Ceramic Expo Organizing Committee Wang insurance 560 million yuan.

In addition to the traditional art of porcelain, Jingdezhen ceramics booth also exhibited a row of shiny jade, ceramic kitchen knife. According to the staff, this nano ceramic knife used for cutting vegetables and fruits, not like an ordinary kitchen knife of metal dissolved iron contamination of food, flank and will not rust, and not sharpening.
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