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2010 Seminar on China's economic situation in the ceramic industry

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
My speech today Custom ceramic Nestle mugs is mainly the ceramic industry in China this year we do a brief summary of the situation, from the five made a brief analysis of the ceramic industry next year while the economic situation of the form made a very general prediction.

Year 2010 is complex, due to post-crisis era, the pace of national economic recovery is inconsistent, and the imbalance of economic development, coupled with natural disasters, etc., so that the economic environment in which our ceramics unpredictable. 2011 is bound to be a year full of variables, the Western economy, the cold and contrast the domestic economy is already overheated now very clear how to adjust macroeconomic policy worthy of our attention and attention. To let everyone understand the past year, the development of the new year have a general judgments, we want to run this year the economic situation of the ceramics industry to make a very brief section, and on to note 2011 Problems to be a very brief analysis.

The first issue: 2010, Economic Operation of China's ceramic industry. 1 to 10 January China's economic operation in the ceramics industry, the first to talk about the production: ceramics for daily use, 1 to October enterprises above designated size Ceramics production 20,398,000,000, an increase of 35.91%, again based on last year substantial growth, which yield among the five provinces of Hunan 46.35, an increase of 30.01%, not only the most production in the nation, accounting for 27.72% more than the scale of production; followed by Guangdong, 2.775 billion, an increase of 24.47 %, while production in the country is still more important position, but fell from first in the country past the second, Guangdong has always been our first domestic ceramics industry has now become the second, and with the first phase of Hunan than the absolute yield difference between the 1 / 3 is also a little more; the third is that we Jiangxi, to 2.064 billion, accounting for 10.12% of national output, an increase of 58.04%, the largest growth of many provinces in one of the provinces; Guangxi production 18.52 billion, accounting for 9.08% of total output, an increase of 44.98%, Guangxi is also the production of ceramics for daily use for many years account for a large proportion of the country provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi due to the rapid development of the first made from Second, now reduced to the fourth; fifth province of Shandong, had 1.22 billion, an increase of 39.14%, the top five accounted for 61.39% of national output. These are the national production of ceramics for daily use.

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