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Ceramics quality permit ceramic travel mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Quanzhou, Inspection and Quarantine custom ceramic coffee mugs, according to news, this year, the council actively help enterprises establish and improve the quality management system to improve the quality and safety management, effectively promote the export of ceramics for daily use. The first 11 months of this year, Quanzhou ceramics for daily use over 100 million U.S. dollars export.

According to statistics, Quanzhou, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau from January to November 6081 were approved inspection and export daily-use ceramics, the value of 109 million, respectively, which was an increase 81.04% and 82.02%, of which exports topped $ 100,000,000 mark, a record high. Quanzhou, Fujian Ceramics exports accounted for 97%. Of which exports accounted for 80% of the ceramics for daily use by the Chinese Dehua porcelain produced.

Early in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Dehua porcelain to as "white as jade, as thin as paper, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound" and East. Since reform and opening, Dehua porcelain business through the introduction of advanced equipment, developing new products, and actively explore the international market, the situation continued to grow and expand in overseas market share. But the main product is ceramic-based, low proportion of household ceramics. The end of 2002, the "Ceramics quality permit" and "exports to the U.S. domestic ceramics factory certification" Export Ceramics "two certificates" only 12 companies, with annual exports of less than 1,000 million U.S. dollars. Since 2007, Quanzhou Ceramics Enterprise Board to increase efforts to support great efforts to assist enterprises to obtain export ceramics for daily use, "two certificates", the "double certification" enterprises from 40 in 2007, increased to 77 now, an increase of 92.5%; in exports from 3,000 million U.S. dollars, to the present ultra-billion, an increase of nearly 3 times.

According to research analysis, in addition to the "double certification" enterprises to increase production capacity increase, this year a substantial increase in Quanzhou Export Ceramics also four factors.

- International demand. From October 2009, the international market demand has risen, foreign customers continued orders, export orders increased significantly enterprises.

- Upgrading of products quickly. Quanzhou upgraded ceramic enterprises to accelerate the pace of technological transformation, following Europe and Japan and the transfer of Taiwan's ceramics industry. Of which Germany has successfully introduced two advanced ceramic production lines in Japan. At the same time, increase new product development efforts, especially for the "light Tao" easy touch friable characteristics, focusing on research and development of "heavy pottery," which has about 40-50% of new products, accumulated in the development of new products Individualized of more than 20,000 kinds.

- Benefit from cultural and creative. Success of the "porcelain wine marriage", and the 17 Kinmen Liquor Taiwan enterprises, is building an international ceramic artists to create a base and across the Taiwan Strait (Germany) ceramic items such as cultural and creative industry base, and expand the influence of ceramic, and promote exports.

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