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Liling ceramics industry advantage Custom ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Liling porcelain to do hundreds of billions of large Custom ceramic coffee mugs, Liling's lung power is still pretty foot.

Interview in Liling city leaders, departments and business leaders, talking about advantages of Liling ceramics industry are very familiar. Liling porcelain is the "Chinese porcelain." Liling has a history of 1,700 years of ceramic production, is the famous three "Porcelain." Five ceramic glaze in San Francisco in 1915 at the International Exposition in one fell swoop with gold, were moving abroad, known as "the peak of the Oriental Ceramic Art." Liling is also China's "red kiln" location, the production of "Mao porcelain" and the art of porcelain, has entered the Great Hall of Beijing, Zhongnanhai and the United Nations building, and as a country gift given to foreign heads of state, which is also known as porcelain Liling "National porcelain."

Chinese ceramics as "business card", Liling five polychrome underglaze experienced vicissitudes of more than a century of wind and rain, is still shiny, the process is listed as national intangible cultural heritage, "Liling porcelain" was included in National Geographic Logo protection products.

Liling porcelain is the "scale porcelain." Liling is an important ceramics production base, with more than 500 ceramics manufacturers, including large enterprises (annual sales income of 500 million yuan) 163, the annual sales income of 5,000 yuan or more are 54, billions of dollars of 8 . Porcelain accounted for 38% of national output, ranking the country first; Electronic Ceramics in China account for a large share, is the famous production base of electrical porcelain. Liling has formed a collection of ceramics, ceramic machinery, ceramic clay mining, ceramic pigment, ceramic color packaging in one of the industry chain, ceramic industry, the initial formation of collaborative relationships within the division, supporting more than 200 service enterprises. Liling porcelain in 2006, was included in the priority development of the province's 50 key industry clusters, total output value reached 15.82 billion yuan in 2009.

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