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Features and overview of Shandong strengthened porcelain mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2023-1-30
Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, The base material of porcelain mugs must be porcelain clay. Porcelain clay is mainly composed of kaolin, and contains feldspar, quartzite and mullite; its iron content is low. After high temperature firing, the tire is white, transparent or translucent, and the carcass water absorption rate is less than 1%, or no water absorption. The carcass of porcelain mug must be fired at a high temperature of 1200℃~1300℃ to have the physical properties of porcelain. Porcelain clay varies from place to place, and the sintering temperature is also different, so sintering shall prevail. The glaze applied on the surface of the porcelain must be a vitreous glaze that is fired together with the porcelain at a high temperature.

The characteristics of Shandong strengthened porcelain mug: no matter what material is used, as long as the porcelain can be strengthened and used, it can be called strengthened porcelain. Therefore, strengthened porcelain coffee mugs can be divided into cristobalite reinforced porcelain, bone ashes reinforced porcelain, apatite reinforced porcelain, and high Aluminum reinforced porcelain, etc. Currently on the market, high-alumina reinforced porcelain is the main ashes reinforced porcelain and cristobalite reinforced porcelain is still in the development stage.
The influence of the formula and composition of the glaze of the custom porcelain mugs on the structure and performance of the strengthened porcelain was studied, as well as the particle size of α-al2o3, mineralizer, holding time and oxide additives. This kind of strengthened porcelain is fired in an oxidizing atmosphere at 1350°C, and its structure includes: main crystal phase α-al2o3, secondary crystal phase mullite, less glass phase, and very few residual quartz. The flexural strength of the product is 139mpa, the impact strength is 3.62kj/m2, and the thermal stability: it does not crack when exchanged in 200-20℃ water.
The reinforced porcelain mugs produced by Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer rely on the most advanced production equipment and the most complete management. Customers find our customized reinforced porcelain mugs and export them to the United States, Germany, France and other places.

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