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7 methods of maintenance and disinfection of ceramic tea cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2023-1-17
Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Appreciating ceramic tea sets can start from the following aspects:
1. Modeling: Modeling serves for drinking tea and has strong practicability.
2. Glaze: The glaze will add a great artistic beauty to the tea set ceramic.
3. Fetal quality: fine quality tea set, delicate, white and thin.
4. Skills: As a ceramic teapot, it depends on whether the whole device is even, and whether the lid and the mouth are tightly integrated.

The maintenance of ceramic china is very important:
1. Must be washed by hand, not dishwasher. If you really don't want to wash by hand, you should choose a dishwasher with "porcelain and crystal" washing function.
2. Ceramic tableware with gold edges should not be put in the microwave oven to avoid corrosion.
3. The washing pH must be between 11-11.5.
4. When washing with clean water, the water temperature should not exceed 80℃.
5. Do not immerse the hot mug directly in cold water, so as not to damage the porcelain due to rapid temperature changes.
6. If there are scratches, you can use toothpaste to polish it.
7. If there is tea stains, it can be cleaned with lemon juice or vinegar.
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