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How to distinguish good quality personalized ceramic coffee mugs?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2023-1-3
Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Daily-use ceramics include tableware, tea sets, wine sets and fine art ceramics. Because it is hygienic, easy to clean and disinfect, resistant to high temperature and freezing, anti-corrosion, non-aging, non-toxic and tasteless, it has become the most popular daily necessities for people's families. The purchase method is as follows:
It is necessary to buy appliances with novel appearance, unique style, elegant color, fine glaze, and smooth feel. On the basis of focusing on practicality, pay attention to artistic and decorative features.

Before buying, check whether it is deformed or distorted, whether there are scars such as lack of glaze, sticky glaze, and knock-off of porcelain mugs. Put the purchased porcelain on a flat counter and check it carefully to see if it is stable and warped. For items with a mouth and a lid, be sure to check whether the lid is suitable. The tea set, wine set, and container should also be filled with water to see if there is any leakage. The teapot and hip flask should be smooth when pouring water from the spout. , The combination is a substandard product. Products of the same specification and model should have the same size and thickness.
Put the ceramic giftware on the counter or hold it with your hands, and play it a few times. The sound is crisp and loud, indicating that it is of good quality and strong. If the sound is abnormal, it indicates cracks and internal injuries, and should not be purchased.
Ceramic utensils with handles and mouthpieces, such as teapots, hip flasks, etc., are all made of secondary molding, that is, the handles and mouthpieces are glued to the pot body. Therefore, carefully observe whether there are gaps or lack of glaze in these parts. , Whether there is a sense of separation, these parts should be smooth and natural transition, without bonding marks.
The patterns on the personalized ceramic coffee mug or carvings should be complete, uniform, clear and firm. The gold and silver lines drawn should be of the same thickness, bright and beautiful, and cannot be wiped off with a handkerchief. The color of the single color product is uniform and consistent in color.
If you buy a complete set of ceramics, you should be optimistic about whether the shapes, patterns, and colors of each part are consistent, coordinated, and matched. At the same time, it also depends on whether the packaging is complete and strong, so that it can be carried and transported.

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