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Firing method of personalized promotional ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-12-27
Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, What is "one firing" and "two firing"? Both of these methods are the methods of firing porcelain.
1. One-time firing method. That is, after the dried green body is glazed (there are also unglazed), it is put into the kiln and fired (also called the hon-yaki), such as the fine porcelain blue and white porcelain mug of Jingdezhen, the color glaze (lang red, sacrificial red) , Ujin and other colored glaze porcelain), blue and white Linglong, etc. are all fired at one time.
2. Two firing method. There are low-fire and high-fire biscuit. The former is to use low temperature to burn the dried green body, then hang the glaze, and then enter the kiln to burn at high temperature. There is also a kind of biscuit to increase the water absorption and strength of the body so that it is easy to hang the glaze without being damaged (such as some thin porcelain tires). Only the green body is burned to about 700-960°C, also called biscuit. After being glazed, the unfired slab is put into the kiln and fired according to the one-time firing method. Hard and fine daily-use white porcelain in countries all over the world uses this method. The latter is to first burn the blank at high temperature (1260-1280°C), and then perform low-temperature glaze firing (950-1050°C), such as daily fine pottery and bone ash porcelain.

Usually the material is pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, stainless steel or plastic. There are also a few promotional ceramic mugs made of natural stone, which are generally more expensive. The ceramics cast at a high temperature of 1300 degrees have the characteristics of white as jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper, and sound like a rock. Ceramics has a long history. As a carrier of national culture, it vividly embodies the creator’s emotions, with the fragrance of earth, and retains the corresponding artistic image of the creator’s palm. It is either agitated, deep, passionate, or passionate. Reason, sometimes colorful, sometimes showing the natural color, ceramics also have its feelings, due to the fire temperature and the uncertainty of the atmosphere, the glaze color of ceramics will be different, so what you see is unique in the world s work.
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