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The difference between white porcelain mug and bone china mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-5-23
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, How to distinguish white porcelain and bone porcelain when buying? Actually, the method is very simple. To sum it up are the following four points: assessing weight, observing form, discerning color, and listening.
Estimated weight: If you compare the white porcelain mug and bone china above, the weight of the same porcelain shape is generally slightly heavier than white porcelain and lighter bone china.
Appearance: It is distinguishable in shape. Compared with white porcelain, bone china mug factory has a thinner body, rounder and smoother shape, and better light transmittance due to process and raw materials.
Color discrimination: high-grade bone china porcelain has fine and dense texture, smooth surface, bright glaze, and a natural milky white color. The higher the content of bone powder, the closer it is to milky white. On the contrary, if the content of bone powder is low, the bone china itself is yellowish. It's very obvious.
Listening: In terms of timbre, the white porcelain is heavier and thicker, and the two bowls make a "ding" sound when they touch each other, and there is basically no echo; the two bowls of high-grade bone china are placed on flat hands. Crash, pay attention, bone china is a high-temperature fired porcelain, the hardness is very high, such a collision will not be damaged, please rest assured, you can use a little harder collision, high-grade bone china, After the collision, the sound of "clang" was as clear as the bell ringing, and there was an echo.

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