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The characteristics of low bone china ceramic mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-5-16
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Low bone china is a newly developed type of porcelain, which is somewhat related to bone china. Generally speaking, porcelain with 10% bone powder in the raw materials can be called low bone china, while bone-setting bone china generally contains about 40% bone powder; it has the same transparency, thinness and smoothness as bone china, but the price is lower Bone china is much cheaper. Therefore, as soon as it appeared on the market, it was welcomed by various low- and mid-range hotels. It has the following characteristics:

1. The color of personalised bone china mug is natural milky white unique to natural bone meal, and it is beautiful and generous!
2. Beautiful appearance: fine and transparent porcelain, beautiful and elegant shape, colorful surface like jade, colorful surface.
3. The product has high strength, compact and hard not easy to wear and break, 180 degrees and 20 degrees water heat exchange without cracking, water absorption rate is less than 0.003%, suitable for dishwashers.
4. With light transmittance and light texture, it is mainly suitable for the setting table in the front hall of the mid-end hotel, the setting table and the kitchen of the high-end hotel.
Although low bone china mug factory has most of the characteristics of bone china and is popular, there are still some differences between the two:
1. The difference in the content of bone meal: generally 10% bone meal can be called low bone china, while bone china needs to contain more than 30%.
2. High bone china needs two firings, while low bone china only needs one firing.
3. High-bone china glazing needs to be glazing with a spray gun after the product is unfired, while low-bone china glazing only needs to immerse the whole body in the glaze and then take it out to dry.
Note that generally speaking, most of the bone china produced in Tangshan is high bone china, and most of the bone china produced in Jingdezhen is low bone china.

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