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AYNSLEY UK Denmark Royal Copenhagen ceramic mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-6-30
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,AYNSLEY, UK
AYNSLEY is a brand used by the British Royal Family, founded in 1775 by the porcelain maker John Aynsley. However, it was not until 1861, under the leadership of his grandson, John Aynsley II, that the company began to produce bone china.
Nowadays, AYNSLEY is one of the most important porcelain brands in the world, and collectors all over the world are proud to own an AYNSLEY classic porcelain.
AYNSLEY's products insist on purely hand-painted or semi-hand-painted products. The beef and sheep bone meal used in its bone china production is all produced in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The porcelain made from this bone meal is transparent in color, temperature resistant, not fragile, and has a particularly delicate surface.
In AYNSLEY bone china, the content of beef and sheep bone meal is as high as 47.5%. The characteristics of AYNSLEY porcelain: the porcelain body is extremely meticulous but not very thin; the glaze is extremely uniform, the painting is fine, and the enamel color is full; whether the monochromatic glaze or the enamel glaze is extremely smooth, it completely inherits the original style of the master AYNSLEY, and it is really top Collection of Porcelain.

Denmark Royal Copenhagen (ROYAL COPENHAGEN)
The traditional Nordic craftsmanship is integrated with the oriental porcelain painting style, and the unique and elegant design is a national treasure that Denmark is proud of. The crown on the Royal Copenhagen logo indicates a deep relationship with the royal family. The three waves represent the strait surrounding Denmark.
Only make real products is the belief that Royal Copenhagen has always upheld. Its most outstanding work, the Danish Flower, is colored on the glaze and hand-carved, which is the epitome of the skills of Royal Copenhagen.
Every piece of Danish Flower is made of finely selected porcelain clay, which is carved into shapes such as serrations and hollows before it is completely dried. As for the three-dimensional flower decoration parts, they are made with delicate hands. Need to use the tip of the needle to show how difficult it is.
After the molding is completed, it needs to be sintered at a high temperature of 1500 degrees to burn out the unique smooth and dense texture of porcelain. In addition, if the porcelain floor is accidentally burnt and deformed, the temperature is very important.
Due to the accurate depiction of natural plants in the Danish Flower series, elegant colorful brushstrokes, and superb craftsmanship, as well as the design that takes into account the hand feel and the beautiful shape, the classic "Danish Flower" has also become the royal collection of the British Queen. Today, The Danish flower has become a national treasure of Denmark.

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