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Xinxiang Manufacturer tell : test ceramic coffee mug , define the flavor of the coffee

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-5-26
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,As for the ceramic coffee mugs test, anyone who knows this statement basically has a certain understanding of coffee. The ceramic coffee mugs test can be said to be the most direct way to experience the taste of coffee. We buy all kinds of finished coffee beans. Some baking and brewing suggestions are basically from the mug tester. The same batch of beans will be divided into several portions, roasted differently, brewed differently, until the best way to enjoy this coffee is determined. The various flavors we see on the packaging are also the results of the mug test, which can be said to define the flavor of a coffee!

The meaning of mugping is to control most of the variable factors. Experience the subtle differences brought about by a single variable in coffee. Many coffee shops will also hold regular mugping activities to allow customers to experience this subtle difference firsthand, especially When a new variety of coffee beans came into the store.
Today we briefly understand the general process of ceramic coffee mug testing. Some preparations are needed before this! The preparation of coffee beans is necessary, generally 5.5 grams, because the extraction time will be a little longer, so the coffee beans are medium and coarsely ground with about 100 ml of water and the temperature is controlled at 93 degrees Celsius. After the boiling water is poured out, Two minutes at room temperature is almost the same. In addition to some basic coffee mugs, a special mugping spoon is needed!

Get familiar with the operation steps together!
1. The coffee beans are ground into powder with medium-coarse grind degree. Coffee beans must be freshly ground, because coffee beans will be oxidized to a large extent after more than ten minutes.
2. Remember to smell the dry aroma of coffee powder before pouring water.
3. Pour hot water directly into the coffee powder to completely soak the coffee powder.
4. You can gently shake the mug to fully soak the coffee powder and let the coffee powder settle slowly, about 4 minutes.
5. Fresh coffee powder will form a powder shell on the surface, directly use the mug measuring spoon to pierce and stir, you can smell an aroma and burst out instantly.
6. Use a mug measuring spoon to skim off the coffee powder floating on the surface.
7. Take a spoonful of coffee liquid into the mouth and sip, that is, the coffee liquid sucks a lot of air in the mouth at the same time, so that the coffee liquid will instantly have an atomization effect in the mouth, and you can fully feel the aroma of coffee .

For the ( custom ceramic mug manufacturers )coffee mug test, if you are a professional, you will naturally have many opportunities to practice. If it is purely personal preference, you can try it yourself at home, and you don't have to be rigidly bound to these forms. You can bake or mix them if you have conditions. Different beans, feel different aromas!

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