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Ceramic Coffee Mug Grinding Standard - China custom factory

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-2-24
From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,Qianjie Coffee recently launched a new Rwandan coffee bean. Take it as an example. For Qianjie Coffee, how to determine the cup grinding degree and how to perform the mug measurement process.

Coffee mug test process
Before the mug test, Qianjie Coffee will roast the coffee beans in multiple curves, and then use the cup test to determine which curve has the more outstanding flavor. In the past, the newly launched Rwanda micro-batch of washed beans by Street Coffee, for example, we roasted a total of three different curves. After baking, ensure that there is 24 hours of ripening time before cupping.
At present, there are two main cupping procedures commonly used internationally, which are formulated by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) or the Mug of Excellence (COE). Qianjie Coffee uses the COE cupping process. The cupping test is mainly divided into two steps, one is smelling the fragrance, including dry and wet fragrance, and the other is tasting and sipping. The aroma (Aroma), cleanness (Clean Cup), sweetness (Sweet), acidity (Acidity), mouth touch, flavor (Flavor), aftertaste (Aftertaste), balance (Balance), overall ( Overall) for scoring description.
Front Street Custom Coffee Mugs Score Sheet
Cupping needs to prepare these appliances: grinder, Chinese standard No. 20 screen, thermometer, electronic scale, cup measuring bowl, water cup, cup measuring spoon, timer, paper towel.
Front Street Coffee confirms that the grinding degree of coffee beans is based on the COE grinding standard, which passes the standard No. 20 screen 70-75%. Qianjie Coffee sieved the Rwandan coffee beans of three different curves, and determined the cup grinding degree of BG#5J (the grinding degree of the three curves).
Also according to the COE cup measurement standard, Qianjie Coffee determined that the water temperature is 94 degree and the ratio of powder to water is 1:18.18, that is, 11.3 grams of coffee powder and 200 ml of water. The dry aroma must be measured within 15 minutes after grinding.
Front Street Coffee Rwanda Coffee Bean Cupping Process
The grinding degree has been determined above, and the coffee beans can be weighed. Qianjie Coffee recommends weighing more, so that it is convenient for the grinder to wash the beans. The beans must be washed every time a curve is ground. Place it as close to the table as possible, and mark the curve with a label to avoid confusion. You can smell the dry fragrance at this time. Inject hot water of 94 degree, and time the water at the same time. Within 4 minutes, smell the wet fragrance, and when the time is up, smell the fragrance of the slag and remove the slag. Qianjie Coffee often invites guests to participate in our cupping sessions. When it comes to smelling the fragrance, many people say that they can not smell it. They seem to be the same. In fact, the senses require multiple training, and Qianjie Coffee is no exception.
After picking up the dross, you can sip it and analyze it from the aspects of cleanliness, sweetness, acidity, oral touch, flavor, aftertaste, balance, and overall. Before the cup test, Qianjie Coffee will do a lot of fragrance correction exercises to exercise sensory cognition.

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