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Unawakened nightmare dream hit Ceramic Watches the EU anti-dumping

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European manu ceramic mug facturer passed on the crisis

19, the European Commission decided to tile anti-dumping on China formally opened, and is intended to replace the U.S. as a country. The anti-dumping involved glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, mosaic and other products. Commerce Department statistics show that in 2009 the amount of ceramic tile exports to the EU 3.1 billion, mostly from Foshan ceramic enterprises. This time, a total of nearly 250 companies involved in the case of Foshan ceramics, involving an amount of up to 224 million.

"We have been and China Ceramic Industry Association and other agencies, the lead lawyer related companies, mutual cooperation, and actively responding. At present, the respondent with the individual respondent has Baotuan." Minmetals Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Chen told reporters, director of the law. According to the China Ceramic Industry Association, related parties, 22 afternoon, the Ministry of Commerce Bureau of Fair Trade, China Ceramic Industrial Association, ceramics enterprises, and related lawyers gathered in Foshan, responding to discuss this matter.

"The afternoon session had more than 60 enterprises to participate, we will fully listen to business advice and actively responding to." China Ceramic Industry Association Pu AU Secretary-General told reporters before the meeting. In his view, this anti-dumping investigations initiated by the EU mainly because of the financial crisis the European ceramic production costs rise, many business failures, and China's ceramic products cheap, on the formation of a great European enterprise competition. "They actually wanted to be transferred to the financial crisis, the head of Chinese enterprises, which is a performance of trade protectionism." Pu Yongxiang respect. custom glazed ceramic mugs

Ceramic line to see journalists in China, the Ministry of Commerce and the China Building Materials Federation, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, and other departments have set up a special complaint consulting business telephone. Porcelain Co., Ltd. Foshan City area, said area is actively preparing for the respondent.

Foshan Decorative Building Materials Co., Ltd. Manager CD format Zheng Jihong, told reporters that the company's flagship product is the mosaic tiles. Such products to the EU market, the proportion of exports accounted for 60% of company exports about. Zheng Jihong said, including the CD format, including a lot of decoration company are actively preparing for war.

Low price does not mean dumping

According to the China Ceramic Industry Association released data show that China's annual export volume of tile 7 billion square meters, of which exports to the EU accounted for 8% to 9.5%. According to Pu Yongxiang said, China's ceramic tile exports in 2009 rose 21% European Union, the data is only up 2%. Meanwhile, prices of Chinese exports did not decrease the tiles, there are a lot of improvement.

"Said our prices lower than the European companies is possible because our raw materials, low labor costs abroad than it is reality, and also special conditions. But this does not mean that Chinese companies dumping. Because the price must be dumped export prices below cost, and low production costs in China, prices are lower too. "Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Songfa account executive Yuan Li argued. Zheng Jihong also expressed the same view.

The case of the respondent for the future, most of the interviewed companies are cautiously optimistic. But regardless of actively responding to what the final result, companies would not change its long-term development plan.

Do married the Swedish Princess Porcelain ceremony, general manager of Tangshan Hengtong Rui Li Sufen in an interview with our reporter pointed out to speed up transformation and upgrading of our future and the pace of structural adjustment. "Companies from the UK to introduce the most advanced production technology, and now, our technical indicators did not lag behind the United Kingdom and other developed countries. Princess of Sweden, the selected high-grade bone china, for example, this type of thermal stability of porcelain products in China standard is 140 degrees Celsius qualified, British porcelain up to 180 degrees Celsius, while Henry's products reached 200 degrees Celsius. " wholesale ceramic mugs sublimation

"Princess of Sweden alone can win the love that we Chinese ceramics products are world class." Lisu Fen, said many Chinese companies are trying to remove the "two high" This is disgraceful top hat. Because the transformation and upgrading and energy savings not only is the country's requirement is the need for sustainable development of enterprises, but also the future of trade remedy measures to avoid the experience more fundamental way.

"Now, we have no coal-fired porcelain, but rather to use natural gas. We also support of the state of the original kilns were made, vigorously develop the circular economy, the company's health porcelain has been the United States as a policy to encourage imports products. "Lisu Fen said, not without pride," the past is the customer to pick us, pick our customers now, this year the company booked the end of the year. "

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