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Manufacturing technology of round and square ceramic mugs

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From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,The most common ceramic mug is round inside and outside, but there are many ceramic mugs with inner circle and outer side or ceramic cup with inner circle and inner side. Is the molding process different between the inner and outer ceramic cups?

All ceramic mugs, as long as they are inner circle, can be made by machine pressing, and as long as they are inner square, they must be made by grouting technology.

The conventional custom ceramic coffee mugs with inner circle conforms to the basic structure of rolling head to press the product, so it can be made by mechanical pressing. The molding rate of press products is high, it is not easy to change and the production efficiency is high.

For the inner products, the machine pressing process can not suppress the square structure in the cup, so it can only be made by grouting process. But the grouting process is a pure manual production line, so the production efficiency is very low, and the product variant is higher than the machine press molding process.

Therefore, the products of inner side are more expensive than those of inner circle products. The high price lies in the labor cost and the loss of defective products.
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