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How to clean and maintain the new ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2020-8-13
Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers, Coffee has the effect of refreshing and waking up the brain, deeply loved by students and working groups. At the same time we also found a problem, is the mugs and pots used for a long time, will leave coffee stains, and it is difficult to clean, the following I will briefly talk about the cleaning method;

1. Wash after use
Good quality coffee mugs are not easy to leave coffee stains, the most important point to clean up the coffee mug is that, immediately after drinking, rinse with water, so that you can keep the mug clean;

2. Lemonade
Long-term use leads to leave coffee scale cleanup method is to use lemon water in the mug soaked for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water, this method can absolutely remove the coffee scale;

3. Neutral detergent
For stubborn coffee scale, we can use a sponge dipped in a little detergent, and then gently wipe the ceramic coffee mug, after which rinse it with water;

4. Vinegar
There is another way to clean with vinegar. With a cotton ball dipped in vinegar we usually eat, and then gently wipe the cup inside the coffee stains, it can be easily removed. Because vinegar contains acidic substances, in this case, cleaning with vinegar can react with the coffee stains and remove them. The coffee stains will be removed by the reaction of the vinegar.

5. Table salt
To clean the coffee pot, you can put crushed ice and a little salt in the pot, then shake it repeatedly and wipe it after shaking, then it will be cleaned;

6. Toothpaste cleaning
Take an appropriate amount of toothpaste on the belly of the finger, rub the inner wall of the mug with the belly of the finger soaked coffee, about a minute after the rinse can be. Toothpaste cleaning has the advantage that it is not easy to have residue, wash cleaner.

7. Baking soda
Baking soda is an alkaline substance that can remove stains. Pour baking soda on a rag, drop a little water, wipe the inside of the cup back and forth, you can remove the coffee stains inside, but also play a role in disinfecting the mug.

8. Potato Peel
Put the potato peel into the ceramic coffee mug, pour boiling water, cover and smother 5-10 minutes, and then shake a few times, you can easily remove coffee stains. Because the potato peel is rich in starch, there is a strong adsorption, so it is easy to remove the coffee stains attached to the cup.

9. Orange Peel
Sprinkle some salt on top of the orange peel and rub the coffee stained cup with the salted orange peel, then wash it with cold water.

10. Kitchen bleach
This rinsing method is preferred by all housewives to clean custom ceramic mugs and utensils. Generally, the cleaning method is to dilute the bleach used in the kitchen in a large basin, and then soak the ceramic cups that need to be cleaned in the large basin overnight, and then wash them with water the next day. In general said, stains or coffee stains in ceramic mugs can be magically cleaned.

Daily care of coffee mugs

1. Hand washing
Coffee mugs are best washed by hand, not in a dishwasher. If you don't want to wash it by hand, it's better to choose a dishwasher with porcelain and crystal washing function.

2. Use microwave oven with caution
Some coffee mugs - coffee mugs with gold rims, low-temperature and medium-temperature coffee mugs - should not be heated in a microwave oven. This is because the temperature can cause the color of the mug to darken, which affects your health.

3. Switching between hot and cold
Never put a coffee mug that holds 100 degrees into cold water directly. Doing so will reduce the service life of ceramic coffee mugs.

In short, whether the ceramic mug is easy to stain, whether the coffee stains are easy to clean, and the quality of the ceramic coffee mug itself has a direct relationship. Coffee mugs are made from blanks and glazes, which are fired and produced. The nature of the glaze is affected by the body: because the body is the glaze carrier, the glaze is attached to the body, the glaze is the glaze, the glaze is the glaze. Carrier, glaze is attached to the embryonic body, the two are very closely linked, the nature of the embryonic body will largely affect the nature of the glaze. Want to customize good quality ceramic coffee mug, please contact Xinxiang ceramic factory. If you feel that the ceramic mugs you usually use have accumulated a lot of stains and coffee stains, it looks dirty. If you want to clean it, you can choose your favorite cleaning method to clean the ceramic mug according to the article.

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