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The material of 14oz white ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2020-5-15
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mugs Manufacturers,The beautiful pattern of 14oz white ceramic coffee cup is glaze color, and the method of glaze color determines the safety of ceramic tableware. Glaze is divided into overglaze color, underglaze color and underglaze color, and only overglaze color is not safe.

The resolution method is very simple, the surface is smooth, such as the amount of lead and cadmium dissolved in the glaze and underglaze color ceramics of glass is very little or almost no, so you can buy it at ease; and for the surface of the glaze color products with concave convex feeling, you should try to choose the products with less surface decoration patterns. Secondly, if the overglaze color ceramic is touched by hand, the surface of the product has concave and convex feeling, and the height is uneven when observed by naked eyes; if the underglaze color ceramic and the underglaze color ceramic touch the surface of the product by hand, it is smooth as glass, without the feeling of uneven. Among them, most of the glaze color and underglaze color porcelain can be purchased at ease; and if inferior pigments are used in the processing of the glaze color porcelain, it is easy to lead to excessive dissolution of lead and cadmium. If you buy a product that you don't trust, soak it in vinegar for a few hours. If you find that there is a significant change in color, you should discard it. In addition, the raw material soil of ceramic firing is different in mineral content due to different producing areas, while the soil with high content of silicon and mercury is not suitable for cooking tableware.

Consumers should pay attention to whether the pattern color is bright when choosing the glaze color products. If not, the amount of lead and cadmium dissolved is often high. Don't be greedy to buy three no ceramics on the street. It's hard to guarantee the safety of 14oz white ceramic coffee mugs on the street, because it has no brand and production standard at all. If economic conditions permit, we should also choose the lead-free glaze "green" tableware which is more expensive than ordinary ceramic tableware, which can be bought in supermarkets. For example, Bone China is recognized as a high-grade porcelain in the world. Its high calcium oxide content is due to the selection of animal bone powder as one of the raw materials. White porcelain bone china does not contain lead, cadmium, and the picture is not easy to wear. It is also suitable for the use of microwave oven. It is worthy of "green" ceramics.
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