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Material advantages of ceramic tableware

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2020-3-13
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,At present, the tableware materials in the market can be roughly divided into: ceramic products, bone china products, reinforced glass ceramics, reinforced porcelain, white porcelain, crystal, glass, etc.

Tableware category

(1)  ceramics. The main ingredients are made of clay, brown or gray in color, thick and loose in texture, easy to be damaged, but rich in historical and cultural heritage. Main products: Chinese style, Japanese style teapot or tea set; suitable for people: like to taste tea or pay attention to taste life market price: large span.

(2) bone china products. According to the British bone china standard, at least 30% of tricalcium phosphate from animal bones should be contained, and the finished product has light transmittance, which is called bone china coffee mugs.

The quality of Bone China is advanced. Compared with the general traditional porcelain, Bone China has good transparency and can present elegant, bright and clean texture, such as jade. In addition, Bone China has the characteristics of high plasticity, smooth glaze color, gorgeous painting, hard and durable texture, etc. Main products: complete set of bone china tableware, Bone China Mug; suitable for people: complete set of bone china tableware is most suitable for the reunion of relatives and friends, family drinks, and can also be used as a gift for the newlyweds and housewarming of relatives and friends; market price: complete set of Bone China tableware is high-end tableware, general the price is high.

(3) strengthen glazed porcelain. It is made of kaolin and silica. It is hard and light, and it is not easy to be damaged after being strengthened at a high temperature of more than 1250. It has double characteristics of strengthening glass and strengthening porcelain. Main products: coffee to cup; suitable for people: suitable for young people crowd; market price: the market price is generally high.

(4) Reinforced porcelain. It is composed of magnesium and has the characteristics of high strength, acid and alkali resistance, lead-free toxicity, and not easy to damage. Main products: General tableware; suitable for people: it is an ideal product for all kinds of families. Market price: moderate.

(5) White porcelain. The same high-temperature porcelain, the most common porcelain, is relatively easy to damage. Main products: general household tableware, such as mugs, etc.; suitable for people: ordinary family. Market price: lower.

(6) crystal products. Crystal is a silicon oxide compound, which contains lead oxide, potassium carbonate, potassium nitrate, arsenic and so on, which are produced by different manufacturers or with different formulas.

Crystal products are relatively easy to break. Main products: high-end ornament works of art, wine utensils, fruit plates, etc.; suitable for people: those who pursue higher living standards; market price: usually higher.

(7) glass products. Glass products are also silicon oxide compounds. Although there is no crystal products, they are also clear and natural. Glass products are as fragile as crystal. Main products: all kinds of cups or vases, etc.; suitable for people: general home court; market price: cheaper.

(8) Heat resistant glass products. Heat resistant glass products are based on glass products, adding heat-resistant materials. Main products: teapots, etc.; suitable for people: ordinary families; market price: middle class.
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