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Appreciation of the color glazed of porcelain coffee cup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-12-6
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,the five colors in porcelain coffee cup generally refer to the five colors on glaze or blue and white, while the five colors under glaze refer to the new varieties created and burned in Xuantong period of the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, the quantity of firing was small, and now it is a precious thing. The development history of underglaze color of porcelain also has a long history. As early as in the tombs of the state of Wu in the Three Kingdoms period, a blue underglaze pan mouth pot was unearthed. The whole body on the body was painted with brown and black patterns with a brush, and the outer cover was made of blue and yellow glaze. It proved that the technology of firing underglaze painting had existed in the Three Kingdoms period, and created the forerunner of underglaze painting, laying the foundation for the later generations of underglaze colored porcelain. In the Tang Dynasty, in Qionglai of Sichuan Province and Changsha kiln of Hunan Province, there was a further development of underglaze color painting. The main color was polychrome, with minerals containing copper, iron, cobalt, ferocity and other elements as colorants, the required patterns were drawn, and the transparent glaze was once fired, showing brown red, brown black, blue, green, yellow, purple and other colors. Decorative patterns include figures, animals, plants, flowers, clouds, landscapes and pattern paintings.

In addition, the blue and white porcelain pieces unearthed from the Tang city site in Yangzhou, the Jinsha tower base in Longquan, Zhejiang and the Cuihuan tower base in Shaoxing prove that China has fired underglaze blue and white porcelain in Tang, Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty.

All of the above are only underglaze painted porcelain, not underglaze multicolored porcelain. The so-called glaze multicolored porcelain is interpreted as the one with various colors, rich colors and colorful colors according to the ancient ceramic dictionary.

In China, the five colors of glaze and blue and white are made by adding colored paintings on the white porcelain or white porcelain with blue and white instead of some decorative patterns. It was founded and burned in Xuande period of Ming Dynasty. It was very popular in the Kangxi Dynasty from Chenghua, Wanli to the early Qing Dynasty, and was replaced by pastels.

The real underglaze multicolored porcelain is a new type of porcelain created and fired by Lili kiln in Hunan Province in the late Qing Dynasty and Xuantong period. It is a kind of painting with various colorants on the porcelain body and then covered with a layer of transparent glaze, which is successfully fired once in the kiln. This is another new achievement in the development history of Chinese Personalised Stoneware Coffee Mugs. Its appearance is welcomed by people at home and abroad. In 1907-1912, he participated in the world exposition twice and won the first-class gold medal.

The characteristics of ceramic mug under glaze multicolored porcelain are high porcelain strength, strong vitrification degree of glaze, protection of decorative pattern from external wear, prevention and reduction of lead poisoning in color materials, which is an ideal color painting porcelain. At that time, Xinhua company, which was a combination of government and commerce, also made a batch of underglaze multicolored porcelain. The pen holder in the picture is the product at that time. It is not only porcelain, but also a very beautiful landscape painting. In the painting, the peaks are winding, the lakes are bright and the mountains are beautiful. Fishing from the forest and cottages, the fish sails are fishing, and the landscape reflects each other, giving people a feeling of clean-up and relaxed. Since then, the technology of underglaze five colors has spread, and many kilns have also fired. The second picture is a washing bottle for cock made in the thirty fourth year of the Republic of China (1943). Until the early days of liberation, this kind of porcelain was still being fired, and its origin was not limited to Liling, Hunan Province: another reference object in the attached figure is the daily wine pot made in Dapu, Guangdong Province in the 1950s.

Because the firing temperature and atmosphere of all kinds of underglaze colorful materials are different, it is very difficult to make a successful firing. At that time, the quantity of firing was not much, and it would be rare to collect the fine products of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China.
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